September 2010 Limited & Forbidden Card List: My Guess

August 8, 2010

Continue from my earlier post, now it’s my guess for the September list.

I didn’t play for the last 6 months (oh yes, i’m repeating myself again.), so my guess will probably from just what i see and read.

Anyway, let’s start with the findings in my ‘September 2010 Limited & Forbidden Card List: Current Metagame‘. This is probably the most diverse metagame for a long time, whereby you can easily name five top metgame decks.

OCG is mainly Black Feather with 35%, which may seem easy to pick cards within the deck to fill up the September list for it’s dominance. However, what really makes Black Feather being able to survive after 3 ban list is that it can be adjusted according to the metagame. Every Bf deck mainly runs what is considered the core of the deck, then add in the right tech cards according to the metagame. For example in the earlier of this ban list, Raiou is a common pick with BF and Infernity being the main decks. And now with Frog Monarch, they go Mask of restrict. It makes it easy to play against other decks. However, at the same time it’s hard to anti a BF deck, because it doesn’t exactly depends on something. For example, Gladiator Beast depends on special summon while Lightlord depends on grave. Maybe you can argue to use Consecrated light.

In September 2009, BF- Gale is restricted to one. Yes, it does nerf BF but mainly it’s such an awesome card by itself that you see it being used in almost every deck back then. In March 2010, Black Whirlwind is restricted to two, which seems fair. BF players adjusted their way of play slightly, as in not to be over Black whirlwind reliant. As i’ve mentioned earlier: the current metagame is quite diversed, and with BF’s wide range of tech cards in it’s tool box to select, it’s not hard to imagine it’s doing well. So say Konami is going to nerf BF in September, what will they choose?

The BF cards named by other players to be touched in September are BF – Shura and BF – Kalut. I’ve to admit BF – Shura is a really good card, there is rarely a situation whereby it’s a bad card to be in the hand. Maybe restrict to 2 is reasonable. As for BF – Kalut, players argue that it’s a Honest, so it deserves to get restricted to 2. In my opinion, Honest is overall stronger than it. Because Honest can be used in across any deck that uses Light type monster, and a Def of 1900 makes it a decent card by itself unlike BF – Kalut. So i feel BF – Kalut should remain at 3. Another card that i wish to touch on is BF – Blizzard, whereby players usually play 2. Don’t you agree it’s overpowered at times? You can call out a 5 or 6 stars synchro by itself (of course plus the monster from grave through it’s effect), and to summon Trishula is not difficult either. Although you can argue that it isn’t good in the early game, but it certainly not a dead card. It’s probably the best top deck draw you can hope for. So i personally wish it to be restricted to 1.

Other than Black Feather, the other two top decks in OCG are Infernity and Frog Monarch.

As for Infernity, the main thing is to nerf it’s OTK rate. Infernity Launcher has to be touched, and i don’t think i need to go into details of why. The question is to restrict it to 1 or 2, and personally i’ll say restrict to 1 in order to take effect. Other worthy mentions will be Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Archfiend. Maybe one of them will go to 2?

Next is Frog Monarch, or probably i should just group it as Frog. (i HATE frogs!)
It just filters the whole deck too easily, and Konami doesn’t give chance to such self-touching deck. One clear card is Substitoad, and i will vote for a ban. Expect not just Substitoad but other frogs to be touched to.

Some people  mentioned that Machina Gadget needs to be nerfed. According to my earlier calculation, it’s not really winning, is it? With Cyber dragon restricted to 2, Chimeratech Fortress owns it. In my opinion, if you want to nerf it, then maybe touch on Machina Gearframe. Quote from Bahamut of Dueling days, ‘Fuck you Orange boy! Airman wishes to be here.’, when he indicated that Machina Gearframe and Machina Fortress should be restricted to 2. If Cyber dragon remains at 2, i don’t see big changes to Machina.

Dandylion is a card that should stay at 1, just too many ways to abuse it. Too much token abuse, plus Debris dragon and Trishula. Talking about Trishula, many say it will be restricted. It’s ok to leave it as it’s in my opinion. Yes, i agree it’s gay when you are in ‘Yusei’s position’ (look at the picture below).

But what makes it strong is the decks that can summon it so easily or perhaps efficiently. Technically, you require 3 cards to summon Trishula, and you remove 3 cards of your opponent from the game. Let’s do the math of card advantage: 3 cards to summon 1 Trishula (-2), then remove 2 active cards in the game which are from the hand and field (+2). That makes it 0 in terms of plain card advantage. Of course it’s unfair to judge it that way, because you’ve to kill that 2700 Trishula after it’s effect, plus the potential of the card being removed from the grave. And usually summoning it once is enough, so in my opinion restricting it to one doesn’t change much. So either ban it or just leave it. If you’re still convinced that people summon 3x Trishula easily and own the game, it’s the deck being played that should be nerfed.

How can i not talk about Rescue Cat! I will say restrict to 1 is fair. Same to Dark armed dragon.

Those ‘every deck cards’ like Bottomless traphole, are kinda hard to guess. Though i predicted correctly in the past that Bottomless traphole gets restricted to 2 =p. Every 6 months, i see people state that they wish Brain Control to be banned. No doubt it’s strong, but i feel Brain Control is at the level of Heavy Storm. If Brain Control does get banned, probably another card of that level will get unbanned to 1. Stardust dragon may stand a chance to get restricted to 1. Back when people are crying that Starlight road should be restricted or banned, which i just don’t agree but rather Stardust dragon should be restricted to 1 instead. I feel Starlight road is a situational game breaking card, whereby you won’t run more than one most of the time. You just want to have that one copy to alert opponent not to use any cards which may trigger it without considering Starlight road, and of course the one piece to be set to win you game at times.

The biggest difference in TCG metagame is certainly, X-sabers. 39% in the recent big tournaments highlight it’s the deck to beat. However, we all know Konami always touches on OCG side and let TCG side be most of the time. Especially if the overpowered cards are TCG exclusive, so i doubt XX-saber Darksoul to be touched. Furthermore, it will only be released in OCG next year September? Therefore, if Konami is to nerf X-sabers, then probably will restrict XX-saber Faultroll to 1. Even if that happens, X-sabers is still strong. (Rescue cat is innocent!)

As for cards being unbanned, probably Magician of faith to be resticted to 1 as i don’t see many overpowered spell. You can take back Brain control, Heavy storm etc, but it may be too slow to set it and take back a spell next turn. I’ll like to see Mezuki to be restricted to 2, since Burial from different dimension has to stay at 1.


– Substitoad
– Trishula (if it’s even touched)

Limited to 1:
– BF – Blizzard the far north
– Infernity Launcher
– Dandylion
– Stardust Dragon
– XX-saber Faultroll
– Magician of faith

Limited to 2:
– BF – Shura the blue flame
– Infernity Necromancer/Archfiend (maybe both)
– Machina Fortress
– Machina Gearframe
– Mezuki

Written by Maxilicious



  1. nice take on the banlist. Abit of biasedness spotted on cat =D ur a cat player isit? but yeahh im all for cat stayin at 1 too anyways. its like heavy/ brain/ DAD/ just keep at 1 to let us have some fun sometimes. The only thing i kinda disagree with is the trishulas =)

    Also regarding Trishula, 3 for 3 is just an err “illusion” cos ppl can use tokens generated by Dandy/ stolen monsters, or useless small level monsters/ or ones tat can be brought back easily, or were actually brought out easily (Infen Gun, Mirage, Necromancer which are all +2s and +1s)

    So yeah like u said, depending on the deck, and frog/ infer/ syncron dandy decks all get the synchro materials so easily till its not a one for one. the thing is it can remove opponent core and
    improtant cards wor… too gay. limit it!!!!!!!!

    btw awesome blog design and post layout

  2. I admit i’m biased for cat >_<

    keeping my fingers crossed for my dear Rescue kitty~

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