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Gold Series 2011 (GS3) list

January 13, 2011

I was just shown the full list of Gold Series 2011.

Below is the full list:

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The difference of Upstart Goblin in Six Samurai

January 6, 2011

Recently, there’s a trend of including 3x Upstart Goblin in Six Samurai.

This highlights the concept of Six Samurai being a combo deck.

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Black Feather’s adjustments

January 4, 2011

Black Feather is a big part of the current metagame.

Currently, the top 4 metgame decks are (in no specific order):
– Six Samurai
– Black Feather
– Debris Dandy
– Angel

There have been minor changes to the majority of the BF in japan (at least those deck lists that I come across) in the past month.

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Admin and whereabout

January 3, 2011

Mintstar will no longer be part of this blog.

I will be travelling around before flying back to Australia.

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