05/11/2011 @ Active Games Collection

November 6, 2011

Deck used: T.G. Agent

Round 1: XOX
V.S. Machina Gadget

Round 2: OO
V.S. Grave Black Feather

Round 3: OO
V.S. Hero Beat

Round 4: OXX
V.S. Six Samurai

Result: Unknown

This tournament was badly organised and it was an unfair one.

First of all, they did not use any generally recognised format. The format used was not brought to notice to every participant before the commencement of the tournament. They had a “so-called swiss” format. Below is how the pairing was done:

1. The organiser prepared a pile of poker cards.
2. The cards in that pile come in pairs.
3. The organiser walked to players. One by one.
4.  Each player picked a card from the deck.
5. Players who had the “same pair” would play against each other.

Players with the same number of wins will pick cards from the same pile, which formed the “so-called swiss” format. No minor score was being captured, and there was no proper pair up/down. I assumed there was no bye given by inserting a “bye card”.

Secondly, conspiracy was seen as a common standard. I saw some players picked their cards from the pile of poker cards, and they knew the opponents that they were going to face. This was because of step 3 (as shown above), players didn’t get paired at the same time. They then placed their cards back into the pile and picked other cards to change their opponent. The organiser allowed them to do so. How ridiculous.

Thirdly, the next round’s pairing was done when there were still games going on. Their pairings had been “arranged”.

To follow up with the above point, no time limit was given for each round.

I was “randomly picked out” of the tournament after the fourth round. When the fourth round was over, players who had two wins were separated into two categories. One category contained players who won the first round and had two wins in total, while the other contained players who lost the first round and had two wins in total. Four players, including myself, did not win the first round and had two wins. The organiser then told us to pick a card each from four poker cards, whereby one of the cards was different. The person who picked that special card could carry on playing against someone who had two wins and won the first game. The other three got kicked out of the tournament, and I was one of them.


Now I know why others condemn that place.

There is no fair play.

There is no proper system. (Oh yes, a corrupted one.)

Please repent.

Away from the above nonsense, let’s get down to something constructive.

This was what happened in the third duel of my fourth round.

I started first with,
– Mystical Shine Ball
– Mystical Shine Ball
– Agent – Earth
– T.G. Striker
– Gorz
– Master Hyperion

I summoned Agent – Earth and searched for Agent – Venus. Then I ended my turn.

Opponent placed Shien’s Dojo and Six Samurai United on the field. He then special summoned Elder of Six Samurai, and used Asceticism of the Six Samurai to summon Kagemusha of the Six Samurai. He drew two cards from Six Samurai United. He placed another Shien’s Dojo on the field before he synchro summoned LSS – Shien. He then normal summoned LSS – Kageki. Removed the first Shien’s Dojo, with four counters, to summon LSS – Kizan. Then, he removed the other Shien’s Dojo to summon LSS – Mizuho.

He used LSS – Mizuho to attack my Agent – Earth.

I would argue that it is better to attack with LSS – Shien instead. If I had Honest, he could use Shien’s effect to destroy another Six Samurai instead and it would result in least damage taken. He could have an option to follow up with LSS – Mizuho’s effect to destroy Agent – Earth. If I didn’t have Honest, but a Gorz instead. Gorz’s token would be 2100 instead of 2500, assuming the attacking sequence is in an ascending order of attack power.

I didn’t have an Honest, so he direct attacked with the rest, and LSS – Shien was the last to attack. I special summoned Gorz from my hand after LSS – Shien’s attack damage was dealt. My LP was 1100. My gorz token was 2500/2500.

He activated LSS – Mizuho’s effect by releasing LSS – Kageki and destroyed my Gorz. He then set two spell/trap and ended his turn with LSS – Shien, LSS – Kizan and LSS – Mizuho on field. He had no cards in his hand.

I drew an Agent – Earth. So I had a 2500/2500 Gorz token on the field and an Agent-Earth in my grave. My hand was,

– Mystical Shine Ball
– Mystical Shine Ball
– Agent – Earth
– T.G. Striker
– Agent – Venus
– Master Hyperion

I special summoned Master Hyperion by removing the Agent – Earth from my hand, and he used Solemn Warning on it. I then suicide attack with my Gorz token on his LSS – Shien. He used its effect and destroyed LSS – Mizuho instead. This was still within my expectation.

With no monster on my field, I special summoned T.G. Striker and normal summoned Agent – Venus. I activated Agent – Venus’s effect to special summon two Mystical Shine Ball, one from the deck and one from the hand. I synchro summoned Trishula and nothing was chained. I used Trishula’s effect to remove LSS – Mizuho from his grave and his set spell/trap, which was a MST. I ended my turn with 100 LP and a Trishula on field.

He drew a card and turned LSS – Kizan and LSS – Shien to defence position. He ended his turn.

I drew a Book of Moon. I used Trishula to attack LSS – Shien, and he used its effect to destroy LSS – Kizan instead. I then set my Mystical Shine Ball and Book of moon. I ended my turn.

He drew a card ( two cards in hand) and summoned LSS – Kageki. He used Asceticism of the Six Samurai and special summoned  LSS – Enishi. He then used LSS – Enishi’s effect on my Trishula and attacked with all of his monsters. Game over.

(Book of Moon would be negated by LSS – Shien.)

So, I have been thinking if there was anything that I could do differently to win the game.

Regarding removing the Agent – Earth my hand instead of the one in grave to summon Hyperion is to allow me to use Hyperion’s effect if it was successfully summoned.

I thought of removing LSS – Shien instead of the set card with my Trishula. I was worried that the set card may be a Double-Edged Sword Technique, which would allow him to special summon Kagemusha and he could win with Brionac next turn. If I removed Kagemusha in his grave stead of Mizuho, he still could kill me with DEST by summoning Mizuho. It then crossed my mind that he might side out DEST for D.D. Fissure against a T.G. Agent. However, I saw DEST in the second duel and he did not use his side deck between the second and third duel. The set card might be a Dimensional Prison, but it was less likely as nothing was chained when I attacked with my token. So I removed the set card instead and hopefully I could come back by continuously attacking with Trishula.

Ironically, what I assumed as the right move didn’t end up well. If I removed his Shien instead, and attacked his Kizan on the next turn, I would not lose the way I did. Of course, I wouldn’t know that it was a MST.

Any suggestion?



  1. if u didnt remove his LSS shien. he might as well popped your book so you were dead anyhow.

    • i meant if you had removed shien

  2. I wouldn’t have Summoned Master Hyperion first.
    If I were you, I would have Summoned Venus first, to bait out any BTH or Solemn Warning. Leaving Hyperion safe for summoning and allowing you to activate its effect to destroy the other backrow (Which you thought was DEST).

    Then Kaien and Hyperion can attack Kizan and Mizuho, leaving him with a lone Shi En. I don’t think there is much he can topdeck here.

  3. If he didn’t use Warning on Venus. You could summon Gantetsu to use Kaien and Venus to get rid of Mizuho and Kizan.

    In the MP2 you can just Banish Venus from the Field to summon Hyperion which will get Warninged. But its ok, since your main point is to avoid damage through Venus.

    Although this way he still has his Backrow.

    • You are assuming that the opponent doesn’t have dimensional prison or mirror force, which is a big assumption.

  4. To address your concerns about the tournament at Active Game Colletions:

    1stly, the format was generally recognised by the participants here. Other places have used this format before. We dont see an issue with this format until you came to flame us about this as there is no complaints about this from other participants ever since the 1st time we implemented this format. there is a ‘bye’ card for your information. since there are only 39 cards, obviously the one without the pair would be the ‘bye’ card. this is usually the Ace card. moreover, it is not really applicable to use the laptop for this kind of tournament as the no. of participants is too high and the place is not enough to cater to so many rounds. therefore, we adopt this 3-round swiss.

    2ndly, you are the one involved in this ‘conspiracy’. you are unhappy about being chosen to compete with your friend. you were given this option of swopping and you could have chosen not to. Since you chose to do this ‘ridiculous’ action, why are you complaining? If you hadnt complained about picking the card to compete with your friend, do you think the organiser would give you the chance to change? if you hadnt complain, there would not be any ‘conspiracy’ involved.

    3rdly, to save time, pairings are made when almost all of the matches are completed. Pairings are still made based on random picking. therefore, there is no ‘arranging’ of matches. if a card is placed on your table when you were still in the middle of the match, it is because that is the last card left. the last person to pick the card do not really have a choice anyway. in this case, if you are the last group playing, obviously you are treated as the last person to pick the card.

    4thly, the organiser had already explained to you how the situation is like. situation is like this:
    1st round: 39 players, 1 bye, so result is 20 winners, 19 lost their match.

    2nd round: 20 winners, 19 lost 1st match, 1 bye from the 19 who lost their 1st match, so result is 10 with 2 wins, 20 with 1 win (10 with 1st match won, 10 with 2nd matcg won), 9 with both match lost.
    after this round, those who win both rounds will proceed straight to top 16 while those who lose 2 rounds would be elimintated from the tournament. this is to consider the usual swiss format of having more priority for those who win 1st round and consecutive rounds. therefore, those who win 2 rounds do not play in the 3rd round. after this, left with 20 people with 1 win each. 10 people has proceeded to the top 16, leaving only 6 spaces left.

    3rd round: 20 people, no bye, so result is 10 wins, 10 lose. those who have lost this round will be eliminated from the tournament since there is only 6 spaces, priority should go to those that win more. with this, there would be 10 people with 2 wins, 1 lose competing for the 6 spaces in top 16.

    additional round 1: 10 people, no bye, so result is 5 winners, 5 lost their match. since 5 is less than 6, those that won in this round will proceed to top 16, leaving only 1 spot left. at this stage, priority should have given to people who have won the 1st round (in accordance to the higher importance of winning the 1st round in swiss format). from those 5 people who have lost their match in this round, 1 win the 1st round, 4 lost their 1st round. therefore, the one who win the 1st round should be given a chance to compete for this last place. to cut time and ensure fairness, the 4 who lost their match this round will pick a card to determine who will compete with the person who won the 1st round for the last place in top 16. the organiser gave the 4 people a chance to pick at the same time. in fact, he asked you to pick 1st. you chose not to pick the card 1st, letting other people pick the card in front of you. yet, you complained about this. the organiser could have proceeded to let the one that won the 1st round to proceed into top 16, but he chose to give you and other players who lost in this round a 2nd chance, to ensure fairness.

    if there are less than 32 players, the format will change slightly but the same principles will still apply.

    Frankly speaking, we see no need to repent as there is nothing wrong with our system until you came in to flame us. if you really think about wat had happened, you should be able to see that the organiser had in fact done what actions that you are unhappy about for your sake. yet, you do not appreciate his efforts and wanted to flame him. till date, there is no complains about the tournaments here. so, do you really think the problem lies with us? If you are still not satisfied with this explanation above, feel free to talk to the organiser and he will be glad to explain further to you. Thanks. (Alternatively, you can ask your friends who have played in tournaments here before to explain to you.)

    • When no one voice out publicly, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem with the format.

      Even if the format was implemented by others before, it does not mean it’s the right format.

      I wasn’t the one who placed the card back into the pile, but it was my opponent. I didn’t even know those two cards were a pair to begin with until I was told how the cards worked.

      This system is not a swiss system, so it’s not a “3-round swiss”.

      The reason to save time is not a reasonable reason to start pairing before every game is over.

      The pairing should be done together at the same time and not one at a time.

      As for the picking of cards among the four participants, I am unhappy with the method not the sequence of the card being picked.

      It is normal for you to protect what you are used to, as it is a typical cognitive dissonance reaction. However, the community will benefit as a whole if you accept feedback and improve.

      • Just because you voice out your opinions, it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the format.

        This is how the shop wants to run it, what do you want to do about it.

        And how did you know its was your “opponent” who put the card back if he “put the card back”.

        Actually we should call this a 3/4 round Double Elimination, if it will make it sound any better.

        I believe that this isn’t the first time this system was used. Rick used to do this with his “Men at Sea” cards too, back then where weekly tournaments were held at Khatib. Did anybody complain about that too?

        IMO, it is thoughtful that the shop owner tried to save everybody’s time by making preparations and did some pairings that would not change any difference. It is actually okay if you want to wait until 11pm to finish the tournament, but isn’t it a little too selfish? Or is this how you normally treat people?

        If you were going to pick a card, how do you do it all at the same time, even if you could, it will start a inconvenient crowd. So please think about others before yourself, you “duel like an idol”, but in other eyes, you are nothing but a piece of trash.

        As for the sequence of the card being picked, it is actually up to you. You can pick first and get eliminated or you can wait till the “right card” is picked and find out you get eliminated. Either you will still bitch about this right? In that case, I think the shop would rather not do business with you since it is just one bugger less.
        It was already a last chance for you so please cherish it and not flame the shop saying that what it is doing isn’t right.

        The community will improve if you actually open your eyes and see that you are the one who needs to accept failure and feedback.


      • we do not deny that this method may not be the best method. but based on the limited resources that we have, this is the best method that we can implement. since no one voice their dissatisfaction about this format, why should we change it when we are already used to this format and there would be switching costs involved if we were to switch to other formats.

        Ok. I have just understood that this format is a 3-round double elimination. if you think there is a problem with this format, what do you suggest that we implement, considering the limited resources that we have? space is limited and we cannot accomodate everyone at the same time. in cases of large turnouts, we have to split into 3 sessions for 1 round to be implemented. if u wanted a time limit for each round, eg 40 mins, for 3 sessions per round in 1st 2 rounds, total of 6 sessions. for 3rd round, 2 sessions. for additional round, 1 session. total 9 sessions. top 16 single eliminiation will be split into 4 sessions. total 13 sessions. if each session is given 40 mins, total 8 – 9 hrs. we start the tournament at 2 – 3pm. so you want us to end at midnight? if you wanted more rounds and a proper swiss, what time do you think the tournament will end?

        with this limited resource, wat recommendations do u have for us?

        if we dont start pairing before every game is over, do you want to stay in the tournament till midnight? you may want, but definitely not the majority of the participants. furthermore, if you are the last to pick the card, what is the difference between waiting for you to end your match and let you pick the last card and to draw lots before you end and pass you the last card? either way, you still get your last card at random.

        how do you do the pairing together at the same time? the card is already drawn randomly. do u think there is enough space for everyone to stretch out their hand and pick a card from the organiser’s hands at the same time?

        so, regarding picking of cards, how should we go about doing it then?

        for the picking of cards from 4 people, if you are not happy with this method, then wat method do you suggest?

        If it is feedback that is passed to us nicely (and not through flaming), of course we would consider. If not, how do you think this 3-round double elimination format came to us?

        It is natural for us to protect our reputation. It is also human nature for you to have a motivational drive to reduce this dissonance that is caused by the differing views where tournament systems are concerned. therefore, it is understandable for you to reduce this dissonance by blaming us. we are willing to accept feedback and improve. so, what suggestions do you have for us to improve? please consider the limitations to your recommendations as well. thanks.

      • I think I covered most of the issues for AGC already lol.

        nuff said.


  5. Kudos to the replies against this hatred thread. It is of common trend that people grumble about their losses and show off about their victories. Instead of forgetting about it, you took this chance and initiative to flame the shop that people like. People has been using this law and ‘conspiracy’ LOL you have been emphasizing so far and YOU are the first to complain and BITCH about it. If you cannot accept defeat, just pack your bags and run back.

  6. Just cause u scrubbed like a noob, you tarnish Ah soo’s rep? GROW UP AND STOP WHINING -.-

  7. Please do not link the fact that I did not win the tournament to the problem with the format. I did not mention my defeat in the respective games is the result of the format.

    I admit that I should have asked about the format before I joined it.

    However, please look at the format alone. Do you really think that it’s a fair one?

  8. eh u noob nv go ahsoo play before arh. and cognitive dissonance not like tt use one.

    • Now that’s cognitive dissonance

  9. 39 joined a condemned shop tourney. guess all other shops have to repent together

  10. Please do not act like you are invited to this place and it owes you a living. To some extent, I believe that you do not understand the meaning of “condemn”. You as a person truly defines what is condemned.

    As you can see, the number of tables the shop can set-up has a limit, therefore using a time limit will waste even more time frankly speaking. If you have to split into 2 waves, there will be people like you who play into time and win by time out and then it will be more time consuming am I right or are you wrong?

    No one has ever complain to such extent of flaming and no doubt you are the first. Seriously, you think problems lies with the shop?

    If you think its unfair to give you chances to enter top 8/16, then please go talk to the laptop which uses Swiss Pairings Systems to give you chance then, maybe your wish might be granted.

    Why put result unknown? Its obvious that you did not top or anything, you should edit it and put scrubbed.

    I know you suck and all but if you lose or fail to benefit from this tournament, please blame yourself and not everyone/everything else. Its not like people here like you anyway so don’t have such a high head.

    And have you ever thought that this is actually your fault, because if there was 38 people (-1 if you didn’t appear), pairings would have been much easier and there would not have been a “bye”.

    As AGC said, you are the only one involved in this “conspiracy” because honest people will not retake their pairing cards, and if they do, please believe that karma will hit them hard, just like it will hit you.

    Please stop your unsightly behaviour because you disgrace the YuGiOh Community.

    Also, as mentioned, you can ask your friends if they have any particular objections with the pairings and how the tournament was held. Or maybe you have no friends?

    Just because you lost to some lil’ jimmy, doesn’t mean you are lousy or lacking skill. It just means your a scrub.

    We were just lucky we did not have to suffer you and your Mind Crush drama.

    Seriously, you have issues and you need to sort them out.

    Have a nice day.


  11. It’s the only shop with tournament on that day .. so … lol

    • well if its condemned, u wont join no matter what right?

      • Why work so hard?

        Got free drink, got lucky draw, top 16 scrub still got twin pack. Some people just do not appreciate.

      • how about re-read the whole thing and think more about the format rather than max losing.

      • It’s not about prize or win-loss, it’s about the flawed format… If u played long enough u would noe that and have faced the same thing during the old official tourney organizer’s era and format and u shld noe how ‘conspiracy’ it is… We just dun wan to face this kind of thing again if u understand… No matter how good a tournament prize is, a format is flawed means it’s flawed. Before Bishan stopped hosting tourney, there’s a place that give prize better than Bishan but no ones goes there.. U shld noe y right?

  12. From my opinion, i do think its best to leave away from the dredging point of max’s results during the tournament and focus back into the format of the tournament that day. It would greatly help to put things back on track.

    Losing is one thing, Max did not complain about his loss against his opponent.

    Rather, He tried to explain or complain if some might see it that way, about the tournament’s FORMAT or RULES as some might call it.

    “Got free drink, got lucky draw, top 16 scrub still got twin pack. Some people just do not appreciate.”

    The above just has no what-so-ever link to whatever is trying to be explain in the past perhaps 1 hours 30 mins or so. Please refresh yourself in the forum of what akira has explained about the format. Nothing is said about being appreciative about free stuff O.O

    In this case. Max is just criticising the format of this tournament on this fateful day, to try to improve the standard of tournaments to be held in our little singapore ygo community.

    The words he used surely I think myself is harsh, but I do not think that he deserves to be consistently flamed by people to call him “noob” or “scrub”.

    Repent rather, is too strong. How about using the word “Change”. If you guys revise your format for your tournaments. Perhaps such things might not happen anymore or lesser.

    “eh u noob nv go ahsoo play before arh. and cognitive dissonance not like tt use one.”

    Well perhaps he might not have been to ah soo that many times to participate in the tourneys. But still, the above suggests that this format is used for many many times. How about changing it instead of having people trying to flame some people who is trying to make the community a better place for all? Step out of your “Comfort Zone” and support for a “Change” instead? Yes these shops owners have very little knowledge about hosting tournaments. And I believe in giving them a chance to prove themselves again to those that condemn the shop, and to Max, by improving their format.

    Once again, don’t stuck your brains into Max’s loss and focus on the format. Doesn’t mean that majority of the people thinks that the format is fine = its really fine.

    Change, it’ll take time



  13. well if u all wanna say that ah soo have flaws, well there is but it really isnt a big flaw. swiss also have its flaws, when 2 frens getting perfect win and face each other during the last game, they can always decide amoung themselves who to give the win to so that whoever they played with gets higher tiebreaker points. can we call that conspiracy? and i think the main reason people are getting angry over with his post is becuz we know ah soo owner is kind and “owner of this blog u know who” used words like conspiracy, bullshit and corrupted to describe the situation. not really kind eh?

  14. @ lemon
    getting highest tiebreaker so what? you still dunno who to face @ top 8 until the end of the round.

    the method of pairing in ah soo is that you WILL KNOW who your opponent is as long as you dont go confirm with him, you can simply swap the card with other players and change their opponent.

    • u dont really get what i meant by the tiebreaker thing, and im just using it as example if u wanna say ah soo ppl conspiring.

      • Note that u said perfect win, and refer back if u r using a mantis system, wat if u meet ur fern in first game? Of course u can say u climb to perfect win and do the so called conspiracy but this is at least what u earned, not decided by poker cards

      • And that can only be done during the last match, not anything before, it also REQUIRES ur fren to win the Swiss match in order to do the so called conspiracy

      • was citing an example. like u got a 3 win facing 4th game, one of the wins against fren A. u meet fren B in 4th game and he need not help anyone so he give u the win so that u can help fren A. thats the so called conspiracy i was talking bout but i was just citing an example with mantis since i cant think of any other formats. main point is to say that no format is perfect?

  15. to Lemon: Apparently you don’t get the situation =D. The topic about using harsh words is already being explained in my post. Can you think of something else to try to sort it into your reply? It’ll be helpful to a new scene instead of staying sluggish in an old one

    • and APPARENTLY, im not reading ur post. it doesnt matter if the “scene” is sluggish. most of us here, the ones not agreeable with this post, are against the fact that he is using harsh comments, and also dont find any problem with the format. and ur post, i finally read it, is talking but asking for a change which IS MENTIONED in others post, but i wont call it sluggish to be kind =D

  16. Truthfully speaking,

    If you had top or at least won a prize of some sort, would you have “positively criticize” or flame?

    • First of all, it doesn’t matter what’s my result.

      But just to prove a point, here is the link to a tournament feedback that I had done last year. (My name is Tabris)

      I won this tournament and I provided a detailed feedback.


      • The way you give feedback in both cases are very much different and this one towards AGC has a certain extend of destroying their reputation and flaming while the feedback to YGO-Cafe was much more of giving advice.

        Particularly, your choice of words wasn’t the best but you should not have used words like


        Now I know why others condemn that place.”

        if you are actually trying to give “feedback” and not to ease your anger because of your failed attempt to win.

        Furthermore, swapping of cards is rarely seen (Im just wondering why it happens when you are around) and I trust fellow duelist to have the integrity too, although this will most likely not happen in the future anymore.


  17. I am a Hong Kong Duelist and I would like to give my opinion.

    Base on what maxilicious wrote, I’m agree that the format is not good enough.

    It is obvious that it can’t let players to choose their opponents. And I even don’t understand how can a tournament result in knocking some players out of the competition by picking them randomly.

    Maxilicious didn’t say he lost because of the format. He even talked about his lost separately.

    I know there are many strong duelists in Singapore. The World Championship 2009 and Asia Championship 2011 were won by Singapore too. However, I am really disappointed to know that it is the tournament format in Singapore.

    • This tournament is an individual incident.
      It does not represent the tournament standard of Singapore YuGiOh community collectively.

      I appreciate your opinion.

      • You know.. I’m not here to flame you. But honestly. I had so much respect for you. Your blog had such great post and I was really inspired by your insights and ideas. But after reading this post, I have lost so much respect for you and it’s just sad to think you would degrade yourself to such a lowly act. The way you have feedback using words like “Bullshit” and “Ridiculous” are childish and immature. I had so much respect for you and now it’s all gone. I believe you are the one who should repent.

  18. conspiracy was seen as a common standard. I saw some players picked their cards from the pile of poker cards, and they knew the opponents that they were going to face. This was because of step 3 (as shown above), players didn’t get paired at the same time. They then placed their cards back into the pile and picked other cards to change their opponent. The organiser allowed them to do so. How ridiculous.

    i dunno who the player is but we player from ah soo will nv do that!

  19. Those who do not know exactly what is going on please shut the fuck up.


  20. Here, instead of trying to still stay on the topic of winning or losing. Thats an assumption.

    We are now trying to solve the problem of, will this format continue or not?

    Yes or no, Simple isn’t it?

    Now lets all just take a shut eye.

    Also, vulgarities isn’t actually the way out. It just proves that you are uncouth.

    K peace.

    • You are the only one living in your own world my dear friend.

      Because when I said “Those who do not know exactly what is going on please shut the fuck up.” I was referring to you.

      If you have any problems, please go consult your doctor.

      This format will continue as it is a pretty efficient and simple one. Its fair and square in most people’s point of view. Only the few exceptions will deem this format as “bullshit” “no fair play” “condemned”

      The point of asking if he won or lose was because, it is obviously if you had won, you wouldn’t have argued about the format being shitty. Am I right or are you wrong?

      If he had been a good fella, karma would not have hit him so hard. But he gets what he deserves. So actually it is kinda obvious that he is angry about losing and then get eliminated during the “second chance” which was KINDLY given to him.

      Anyway it is 1 less arrogant lil’ jimmy off the top.


  21. If this card shop needs to repent whereas you are given a free drink and lucky draw, i dunno how are you going to define those shops whereas they swap prizes during the TOP 8 moment? Or maybe card shops you went allow you to be in TOP 8 wherever they see your PRESENCE?

    Please repent and repair your mindset

  22. LOL look at what u typed.

    ‘I won this tournament and I provided a detailed feedback.’

    so if you lose you won’t be talking so much.

    ‘I lost the tournament and i provided a flaming feedback’

  23. You didn’t need gorz token at all, so i think u should play gorz right off the 1st atk, then next turn 1st trishula and a lone ball then Hyperion cuz he had no hand.

  24. Does it really matter about the format ? If you are seriously a pro player , then i feel that any opponent that you duel doesnt really matter as long as you got the skill . Somethings cannot change mean cannot change . Many people are so used to that format and you want to change it jus becos a few minority deemed this f

    • jus because a few minority deemed the tournament format to be unfair and you want it to be changed ? Do you know that this will cause more ppl to bitch about because of the unfamilarity and the organiser will lose more customer just to suit your wanted “change” . The organiser also realise this problem so he is trying to make up with the lucky draws , free drinks and good prizes . The type of changes to the format isit the using of mantis program when hosting the tourney ? You should understand that having that program means the more time wasted and the situation of having ppl crowding over the com just to see the pairings in that limited enclosed space .

      And seriously ppl , go get a life and stop flamming and critcising each other of this child’s game of cards

      • Shelton is right. Its due to your lack or luck or “skill”, thats why you lost. But it is normal to lose, anyway its just a children’s card game. Have you ever thought that by changing this format because of one loser, it is very selfish?

        Anyway the better option to this “conspiracy” and this flaw is that you stop coming to AGC tournaments. It will save everyone the time and effort even more.

        You stepping into that shop only dirties the floor.

        Im not flaming you but just giving you feedback. After all, Im a fan. =)

  25. From what I see, it’s you guys who are flaming him.

    He is unhappy with the format, and you guys just hate him for that. You can argue about the format and tell him that you don’t see any problem with the format. However you are attacking him personally and not the matter.

    There are many neutral people in the forum and here who are focusing on the format. But you just want to attack a person, and this is no longer a debate or discussion.

    You can say that he’s lousy in the game because he didn’t win. The problem with the format and his skill are not linked. Look at the names that you guys used, they only discredit you not him.

    Please don’t link the free drink and prize with the problem of the format. It shows how lowly you’re.

    • @ Pat , i am not scolding him or something , i am just trying to tell him what might happen if that change that these You ppl wanted might cause certain unhappiness and commotion . And from all the replies from max , all he says is how bad the format is blah blah blah . SO , IF YOU FUCKING DONT LIKE THE TOURNAMENT FORMAT THAN DONT FUCKING HELL GO AND JOIN THE TOURNEY OR EVEN PUT 1 STEP INTO SHOP AND START TO KAO PEI KAO BU JUST BECAUSE YOU JUST FUCKING DISLIKE THE FORMAT CAUSE NOTHING AND SERIOUSLY NOTHING WILL CHANGE . THE FUCKING REASON IS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT ADVICE POLITELY AND NICELY BUT INSTEAD YOU STRAIGHT AWAY SCOLD THE SHOP . WHO WOULD RESPECT YOU ?

  26. Hello I think u are really a loser come on friend it just a GAME why take it so serious?? U dont earn 1 million winning this tournament right? And I can agree wit u tat the format is nt fair but it can’t change the fact tat many PRO PLAYERS LIKE ( Shalton (Asia tournament 2nd runner up) Daniel and Kavan (2011 National Champion and 1st runner up) were dueling there… My point is if u want to be a loser don’t play YGO! Play babe doll… HOsaybo!!!

  27. It’s just a tournament…

  28. I think format not great, but being in logistics and also having seen Ah Soo myself it isn’t like totally ZOMGWTFEPICPHAIL bad.
    I think you take Yu-Gi-Oh! too seriously, I seen you play like want kill people one and you never share prize that time for bottom 4 I think quite rude but you are a great player and not some hippie scrub like Chieflion so I don’t think you deserve all this flame. Lighten up abit when you play, I also want win only when I play tournament but if liddat make whole community got some big hooha like what for sia? You know?

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