29/10/2011 @ Active Games Collection

October 30, 2011

Participated in the 3rd round of Asia Plus 2011 pre-qualifier today with Wan Xin and Mango.

I shall not disclose the decks without their consent.

Top 16: OOO (Team result)
Leader (Me): OO (V.S. Black Feather)
Member A (Mango): OO (V.S. Machina Gadget)
Member B (Wan Xin): XOO (V.S. Lightlord)

Quarter final: OOO
Me: OO (V.S. Lightlord)
Mango: OXO (V.S. Karakuri Machina)
Wan Xin: XOO (V.S. Dark World)

Semi final: OOO
Me: XOO (V.S. T.G. Agent)
Mango: OXO (V.S. X-Saber)
Wan Xin: XOO (V.S. Karakuri)

Final: XOX
Me: XX (V.S. Gladiator Beast)
Mango: OXO (T.G. Agent)
Wan Xin: OXX (V.S. Ragia Beat)

Result: 2nd

Gladiator Beast is my worst match up. =(



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