24/09/2011 @ Asia Cards Shop

September 25, 2011

Shit day.

I wanted to use Whirlwind Black Feather but I didn’t have a card.

Deck used: Agent Fairy

Swiss 1: XOO
VS. Dark World

Swiss 2: XX
VS. D.D. Control

Swiss 3: OXX
VS. T.G. Agent

Swiss 4: OXO
VS. Hero Beat

Swiss 5: OO
VS. Machina Gadget

Result: Didn’t qualify for top 8

To begin with, I think I was playing with a disadvantage due to the time limit. Rather than having 40min, it was 30min. A match of 3 duels usually take about 40min. Out of the 5 games yesterday, there were 4 games whereby there was only 5min left and it was in 2nd duel. Since I was using Agent Fairy, I had Agent-Venus which worked against time in terms of time limit. Furthermore, I was playing with Solemn Judgment and Solemn Warning, so LP liability was a big problem. I was always forced to play moves that were inferior just to accommodate the 30min time limit.

Let’s say, I open with Agent-Earth and search for Agent-Venus. Opponent attacks with a monster on Earth. Then I summon Venus next turn and pay 1000 LP. Set a Solemn Warning. I’m left with around half of my LP. I couldn’t gain the advantage that I deserved with the LP invested due to time limit.

The 3rd duel against T.G. Agent in Swiss 3 was just ridiculous. I summoned Agent-Venus and used its effect, then ended my turn with a Mind Crush. Opponent summoned Agent-Earth and searched for Agent-Venus, then I activated Mind Crush and named Agent-Venus. There were Venus, Monster Reborn, Solemn Judgment, Trap Dustshoot, Solemn Warning and “I can’t remember”. He used Monster Reborn on his Venus and summoned 3x Mystical Shine Ball, then exceed summon into 2x Gachi Gachi. His Venus (2400) attacked on my Venus (2000). Next turn, he used Trap Dustshoot. The game was decided from there.

I was thinking if it was a correct decision to use Mind Crush right away. It was certain that he can only summon Venus next turn. The reason I activated Mind Crush was to ensure I had perfect information on what he had before he could set his cards. I was wondering if it was better to use it on his draw phase next turn. The trade off is that I get to see what he draws but not what he could have set on the last turn. Of course, it wouldn’t change the result in this scenario.

As for the 0-2 against the D.D. Control deck, things just don’t go my way with 2-3 Mystical Shine Ball in hand. And not drawing into any side deck cards didn’t help either.

Troll name used: MKP


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  1. […] Mind Crush. It seems better to me that I play other traps that can stop Agent-Venus. First of all, shit can happen. Secondly, the time frame that this card can be used is very limited. Mind Crush has to be used on […]

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