Infernity loop combo

September 19, 2011

Jason Larabee did a loop combo with Infernity in recent Toronto YCS.

It requires Infernity Archfiend, Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Avenger in grave. The combo loops with Infernity Mirage. It ends up with enough monsters on field to otk opponent.

Feature match

Trishula can be reused by returning it to extra deck through Brionac’s effect. Infernity Barrier can be searched through Infernity Archfiend multiple times. Once the loop is set up, it can branch out to different plays.



  1. self touch deck..-.-

    • This isn’t exactly a self touch deck. This is just one of the possible combos that the deck can pull off.

    • awsome ill try to do it

  2. Really the better infernity combo after the limitation of Infernity Launcher

  3. And the more complicated one too. XD

  4. I so confuse

  5. This combo is hard to write down, but it is actually really easy to play once you learn it.

  6. Have any Deck list ?

  7. So hard to understand

  8. I already know leviair will hit infernity but i never thought it could be a loop maybe infernity will hit ycs again as gravekeeper popularity is down.

  9. I wonder how it’ll do with brionac banned…
    Still lots of potential with that field

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