30/08/2011 @ JCube

August 31, 2011

My first tournament since… ( I don’t know).

September 2011 list was used.

Deck used: Agent Fairy

Swiss 1: XOX (Time out)
VS. Grave Black Feather

Swiss 2: OXO
VS. Gladiator Beast

Swiss 3: XOO
VS. Dark World

Swiss 4: OXO
VS. Chaos Lightlord

Swiss 5: OXO
VS. T.G. Agent (With Power of Unity)

Quarter-final: OXO
VS. Dark World

Semi-final: OXO
VS. T.G. Agent

Final: XOX
VS. T.G. Agent (With Power of Unity)

Result: 2nd

There are some plays which aren’t perfect. They didn’t affect the results, but they can be prevented by playing more games. The only mistake comes in the final whereby I just make a blunder which lost me the 3rd duel of the match.

There are quite a number of cards that I want to change in my side deck.


Today I registered as Yellow. A former Starcraft Progamer who is famous for winning 2nd place all the time, hence he gets his nickname “King of Silver”. I was trolling and said that “I’m here to win 2nd”. Indeed I got 2nd. -_-”

Well, I always get 2nd anyway. =(



  1. Great job on the result anyways.

    How does TG Agent Main Solidarity?

    • “Power of Unity” is the Japanese translated name for “United We Stand”.

    • Power of unity is united we stand 😀

    • I can’t help with the habit of naming old cards in Japanese translation.

      – Chaos Soldier (BLS)
      – Force Rotation (Creature Swap)

      Even in other terms, for e.g. Black Feather (Blackwings), I prefer to use the Japanese translation most of the time.

      • Oh ok.

        Yeah I got those two mixed up. Sorry.

  2. Sounds like your blasting away all your opponents =)

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