Agent Fairy build choices

August 29, 2011

From the results of recent September list tournaments in Japan, it seems like Agent Fairy is the top metagame deck choice there.

After playing it for a week, I’ve to say it’s generally consistent and good.

10 out of the top 16 are Agents in 名古屋 Championship.

There are mainly 3 choices in build.

– Sacrifice Black Luster Soldier
– Sacrifice traps
– Sacrifice Orange Light/Archlord Kristya

By “sacrifice”, I mean it by not playing those cards or play them in minimal amount.

The sacrifice Black Luster Soldier build is mainly a pure Agent build. It runs 2x Archlord Kristya and 3x Orange Light, so its play is closer to control. There are no T.G. splashed in the deck. In comparison to other builds, it has less burst without synchro material like T.G. and Black Luster Soldier.

As for the sacrifice traps build, it uses 2 to 5 traps. Basically, it doesn’t play traps like Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment. It usually has Tragoedia, and may or may not splash T.G.. If T.G. is splashed in the deck, then Archlord Kristya and Orange Light have to be sacrificed. Most just play 1x Orange Light and zero to one Archlord Kristya. It has more burst but less control.

I’m switching around these builds, and each has its merits.

For a more trap base build, it usually runs the followings:
– 1x Solemn Judgment
– 2x Solemn Warning
– 1x Trap Dustshoot
– 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
– 1x Torrential Tribute

And additionally, one of the followings:
– 1x Mirror Force*
– 2x Dimensional Prison*
– 1 or 2x Mind Crush*

Personally, I prefer 1x Mind Crush though. Maybe it is because the decks that I played test against are Agents, Lightlord and Junk Doppel.

As for T.G. splashing, it is just T.G. Warwolf and T.G. Striker. T.G. Warwolf is Dark, so it’s a material for Black Luster Soldier. So far, I see Japanese players usually play 2x or 3x pair of T.G.. For 3x T.G. pair, it seems like Force Rotation is a good addition.

The current side deck choices in Agent mirror match are Raiou and Chain Disappearance. I suppose Chain Disappearance is strong for the player who goes first. Mind Crush is good too, because of the 3x Pot of Duality and 3x Agent – Earth. Occasionally, you may be able to use it on Archlord Kristya after it has been placed on top of the deck. Some play Ally Salvo and AOJ Core Destroyer, which I’m not sure if they’re effective. Probably they aren’t just for this match up but also against Lightlord.



  1. dude this deck wrecks in ocg maybe it will do the same in tcg just know one thing witout the dualities the deck is really bad

  2. Core destroyer is good because pure agent practically has nothing to kill it without traps…

    • And Synchro and xyz I mean

    • Hyperion! But it’s true that pure agent build is weaker against some side deck cards.

      • I think that core destroy is best when ramming into a judgement dragon or a similar boss monster – I highly doubt that it can survive your opponent’s next turn.

      • Yup tats y tg agent have werewolf to suicide with these monsters! Salvo I dun think its tat good now UNLESS u go bang it urself

      • @Lawrence lol this will be the time when krystia meets core destroyer… I dun attack u, u dun attack me, we can’t special summon… And then stall till when time comes

  3. xyz, synchro combo deck is a very good way to win better and faster 🙂

  4. xyz, synchro deck is a good tournament winner

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