Testing Agent Fairy in September 2011 list

August 22, 2011

I have never played in the March 2011 list because of University. Hopefully I can play as much as possible in the September 2011 list.

Fairy is my first pick in this list.

– Herald of Orange Light
– Archlord Kristya
– Consistency
– Low trap dependency
– Black Luster Soldier can be used
– Fit my playstyle
– I’ve 3x SD20 and 3x Herald of Orange Light ._.

Fairy is already a strong deck in the current list despite its low trap dependency in a trap based metagame. By winning the World Championship 2011, it has further proven that it is a top deck. With little to no direct changes to the deck in September, it is easily one of the best decks to start with.

T.G. Fairy is a popular variation of Agent Fairy. It basically splashes T.G. Warwolf and T.G. Striker into a Agent Fairy deck. T.G. is a strong engine in the current metagame and is being splashed in different decks. There are T.G. Gadgets, T.G. Gladiator Beast, T.G. Rabbit, T.G. Fairy, T.G. Tengu (TCG) etc. T.G. generally works well in a trap heavy deck.

I started with T.G. Fairy because of T.G. Warwolf. It is a Dark type monster, which allows me to use Black Luster Soldier. There wasn’t any Archlord Kristya in my first build and only one Herald of Orange Light was used in the main deck. It wasn’t as good as I hoped. I then switched to a pure Agent Fairy build. It worked better because of Archlord Kristya and Herald of Orange Light. These two cards are awesome in the September 2011 list. Since there isn’t as many traps, Archlord Kristya is a very strong card on the field. A monster with 2800 att which also seals off boss monsters is hard to deal with.

Herald of Orange Light is another awesome card in the September 2011 list. Everyone is talking about how few traps will be adopted and the importance of having cards that can be used as ‘traps’ from hand. Effect Veiler is certainly the universal card that fits the bill. Apart from its effect, it is a Light type monster (BLS) and a tuner. However, it does not destroy those boss monsters like Herald of Orange Light does.

After some play testing, I had decided to drop Solemn Warning. It is not because of MST, since I believe it is a one for one trade. One of the reasons that I chose to drop it is the cost of 2000LP. Lightlord and Twilight are the popular decks, and they have many boss monsters. If I were to use Solemn Warning on a normal summon, I will likely get killed by a boss monster right after that because of the cost of 2000LP. Ideally, I will want to use Solemn Warning on a boss monster. However, it isn’t that rare to see another boss monster after I had lost 2000LP on the last one. I may just lose the game because of that. If I plan to use Solemn Warning on a boss monster only, then isn’t Black Horn of Heaven a better choice? With all these being said, the likely scenario is that I use Solemn Warning on non-boss monsters, and I use Herald of Orange Light on boss monsters. Solemn Warning may still be decent but Agent Fairy can go without it because of Herald of Orange Light.

Trap Dustshoot is a must-play card in the September list. The obvious reason is that players will not set as many spells or traps, and hence there will be more cards in hand. Unlike the current metagame, it won’t be a dead card most of the time. Gorz is likely to be a stable because of the low number of set cards. Other than Gorz, I played 2x Tragoedia. It acts as traps and also to save me from OTK of boss monsters. Most of the time there are 4-6 cards in my hand, so Tragoedia fits in well. Being a Dark type monster, I can have Black Luster Soldier in the deck. With 3x Master Hyperion and 2x Archlord Kristya, it is possible to steal opponent’s Stardust Dragon, Judgment Dragon or Black Luster Soldier.

Generally, I dislike Cards from the Sky. It is because it often stays in my hand as I’ve to special summon or attack. However, with Tragoedia, the playstyle is different. There are more windows to use Cards from the Sky. After I had cycled a Mystical Shine Ball or Archlord Kristya from hand with Cards from the Sky on the last turn, there is a high chance that I can do a good counter attack with Tragoedia on the field.

I may want to add in Call of the Haunted simply for Archlord Kristya. Call of the Haunted can be used on The Agent of Creation – Venus and summon Mystical Shine Ball, then release both for Archlord Kristya. Of course, Call of the Haunted can be used to summon Archlord Kristya after it has been discarded with Herald of Orange Light. Archlord Kristya is crucial in mirror match. The one who successfully summons it first will have a huge advantage.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the deck.

Monster: 23

2x Tragoedia
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
2x Archlord Kristya
3x Master Hyperion
3x The Agent of Mystery – Earth
3x The Agent of Creation – Venus
3x Mystical Shine Ball
3x Herald of Orange Light
1x Honest
1x Sangan

Spells: 12

2x Cards from the Sky
1x Monster Reborn
1x Book of Moon
3x Pot of Duality
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
3x Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 5

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Torrential Tribute



  1. Hey! This is a great article! I have been looking at a really solid build to add BLS into agents. I also was really glad to know the TG is becoming much more splashable. This was really a great article.

  2. You should try D.D.R.

    I can give you Kristia if you use cards from the sky to remove it.

  3. You should try D.D.R.

    IT can give you Kristia if you use cards from the sky to remove it.

    (I writte wrong the first time)

    • The utility of D.D.R. is low. I will prefer Miraculous Descent to D. D. R. anyway.

  4. I might recommend using Mind Control over 1 Pot of Duality, great way to eliminate an opponents face down for a swing, or steal it to XYZ summon or Synchro summon.

    I know that Book of Moon seems to be a staple now a days (I quit the game around Cybernetic Revolution and am returning now) but do you think maybe Compulsary Ejection device might suit the deck more? You can bounce boss monsters so they’re no longer a threat. Few cards actually target your monsters directly, so book of mooning to defensively stop say, smashing ground or prison is not gonna be a common scenario, and CED will directly clear a field for an attack where as BOM will simply flip it down in the hopes you draw a monster that can beat it.

    Granted, CED does not give you card advantage, simply field advantage.

    • It isn’t wise to use CED on boss monsters most of the time. Judgment Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon can be summoned again. Even Black Luster Soldier can be summoned again immediately, and it can still be summoned later.

      Book of Moon is versatile. It can stop things like, attack, synchro summoning, etc. It can also be an offensive card.

      • Second question– Did you opt to use Tragoedia and Gorz because you do not have access to Tour Guide, or do you feel that Gorz and Trago are more effective for this deck?

    • I don’t have Tour Guide.
      I don’t want to use TCG exclusive, so it was never on my mind.

  5. Very nice article and build. I’m missing Call of the Haunted, though. Decided you couldn’t fit it in?

    Also, I’d play Cards from the Sky over Pot of Duality as the former can get rid of dead Kristyas / Shine Balls.

    Overall I’d say
    -2 Duality
    -1 Sangan
    +1 Card from the Sky
    +2 CotH

    • In my updated build, I replace Solemn Judgment with Call of the Haunted.

      Pot of Duality is better than Cards from the Sky for sure. Kristya and Mystical Shine Ball can be used for Herald of Orange Light.

  6. i had the same problem with cards from the sky and pot of duality but if u use waboku and threatening roar u can just normal earth set waboku or roar and go trishula next turn or just use ur cards from the sky and pot of duality then set waboku or roar

  7. or u can just play vallhala and 1 hectriace and just got for it in 1 turn

  8. Just a question but how does having Hyperion and kristya let you steal the opponents monster? And what are the essential extra deck would you advice?

    • if you run tragoedia, a dead hyperion or kristya can be useful because you can pitch your dead hyperion to steal theirs.

  9. I run a similar deck, but without the tragoedia and black luster, as i dont have them. i also run max 2 kristya, but i seem to never pull them and even when i do, i can nvr summon them. Fr a pure fairy agent deck, do u rec. adding vahalla and hecatrice? if so, how many should i run?

    • My build here is just a prototype back in August.

      Your build should be a pure Agent build. Do you play 3x Pot of Duality or additional Cards from the Sky?

      Even if you do play these cards, there is a chance that you still don’t get access to cards that you want. I don’t recommend Vahalla, because it does not increase your chance of getting Kristya early in the game which is the root of your problem. If you plan to use Vahalla with Kristya when you can’t special summon Kristya on its own, then you may run into another problem whereby Valhalla is another dead card.

  10. guia de turismo lol

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