Thoughts on September 2011 list

August 20, 2011

The September 2011 list was published a few days ago.

There are some surprises.


Fishborg Blaster
Restriction will be more appropriate

Mental Master
Restriction will be more appropriate

Giant Trunade
It swaps with Heavy Storm. I prefer Heavy Storm because of ‘start first’ advantage.

Royal Oppression
With Heavy Storm and 3x MST, this card should stay restricted to 1.

Restricted to 1 

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of Beginning
The talking point of this restriction list. People often joked about it coming back, but I was not convinced. Seems like I’m wrong.

Debris Dragon
I feel restrict to 2 will be nice. At least it is more playable.

Lonefire Blossom
Rightfully so. Plant engine needs to be nerf, and this card is the key.

Legendary Six Samurai Shi En

TG Hyper Librarian

Formula Synchron

Heavy Storm
Swap with Giant Trunade. I like it.

Primal Seed
Chaos Soldier is back but it is restricted to 1. Unbelievable.

Shien Smoke Signal
I had said that this should get restricted together with Gateway of the Six.

Pot of Avarice

Restricted to 2 

Summoner Monk
For now, it seems like it is plainly for exceed summon or go with a 4 stars tuner. Nothing abusive (yet).

This may be a key card in some decks. I feel that it is in the area between restricted to 1 and 2.

Necro Gardna
With Chaos Soldier being restricted to 1 and this card being restricted to 2, I expect to see Twilight around.

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
Is this deck still playable?

Destiny Draw
This card always moves around the list. No one really cares.

Swords of Revealing Light

Mind Crush
I feel that it is in the area between restricted to 1 and 2.

Call of the Haunted
I feel that it is in the area between restricted to 1 and 2.


Judgment Dragon
Restricted to 2 is more reasonable.

Spirit Reaper
I don’t see much difference.

Overload Fusion
No comment.

Mystical Space Typhoon
It should stay restricted to 2. Luckily I still keep my Asia 1st edition MST. =)

No comment.

Gravity Bind
No comment.

Icarus Attack
There are 3x MST. With Kalut still being restricted to 1, it isn’t that significant.

Everyone is talking about Chaos Soldier. It is unexpected. (Primal Seed is even more unexpected)

Since there is no turn player summoning priority, Chaos Soldier isn’t as strong as before. However, the fact that it doesn’t have a specific theme base summoning criteria compared to other boss monsters, e.g. Hyperion and Judgment Dragon, it is still a very powerful card. Unlike Dark Armed Dragon, Chaos Soldier is hardly a dead card in hand.

Heavy storm is a good change. It discourages players to set a few cards blindly. Apart from that, it reduces the first turn advantage. In YuGiOh, the player who starts first usually has a substantial advantage over the other. This advantage has been magnified in past restriction lists because there isn’t Heavy Storm. Trap based decks were popular, and you get rewarded for setting multiple cards. Simply by setting 3 to 4 cards on the first turn can win you the game, which is “anti-competition” in a way. Therefore, by having Heavy Storm being restricted to 1, the game is more healthy overall.

I dislike the idea of Royal Oppression being banned. I agree that it seals some decks off and it is a “perfect card” for trap based decks generally. However, since Heavy Storm is back and MST is being released to 3, Royal Oppression has a reasonable shout to be restricted to 1 instead. Now the overall gameplay may shift to the other end, whereby it is rewarding to do big attacking plays with special summons. Royal Oppression can provide a form of balance in this “continuum”.

Six Samurai and Junk Doppel are the two strongest decks in the March 2011 list, whereby more than half of the players in the World Championship 2011 played either of these decks. Gateway of the Six was restricted to 1 in March, and rightfully so. I was hoping that Shien Smoke Signal gets restricted to 1 too. One of the key strengths of Six Samurai is its consistency. The percentage of likelihood to summon Shien on the first turn did not change in March 2011. Shien could have been restricted to 2 instead, so that Six Samurai is more playable with Double-Edge Sword Technique.

Everyone calls for the nerf of Plant engine, which directly nerf Junk Doppel. Librarian, Formula Synchron and Lonefire Blossom deserve to get restricted to 1. Junk Doppel is still playable, but certainly not as competitive.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the September 2011 list. I will prefer Chaos Solder to be banned and Royal Oppression to be restricted to 1.


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