Summary of World Championship 2011

August 16, 2011

The World Championship 2011 is over at last.

Everyone knows the result. I’m just gonna summarise it here.

Standing after Day 1

(Acknowledgement: deck choice taken from Road of the King)

1. Grüner Michel (Germany) [Junk Doppel]
2. Wei Hao She (Taiwan) [Six Samurai]
3. Ogawa Takashi (Japan) [Agent Fairy]
4. Young-Duck Yang (South Korea) [Six Samurai]
5.  Phanupak Kongjaroen (Thailand) [Machina Gadget]
6. Kaven Zhen Xian Sue (Singapore) [Junk Doppel]
7. Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) [Junk Doppel]
8.  Kei Murakoshi (Japan) [Junk Doppel]
9.  Kim Just Jensen (Denmark) [Disaster Dragon]
10. Thomas Mak (USA)
11. Kian Sim Kee (Malaysia) [Six Samurai]
12. Raul,Fernandez (Spain) [Worm]
13. William Pedigo (USA)
14. Joseph Bogli (USA)
15. Yusuke Osawa (Japan)
16. William Israel Sy (Philippines) [Six Samurai]
17. Bo Tang (Canada) [Agent Fairy]
18. Justin Womack (USA) [Empty Jar]
19. Jose Ubilla (Ecuador)
20. Hansel Aguero (USA)
21. Kevin Matsuoka (New Zealand) [T.G. Plant]
22. Luke Lennard (UK)
23. Jose Cubero (Costa Rica)
24. Aaron Dennis (New Zealand)
25. Waga Tadashi (Japan) [Junk Doppel]
26. Hoi Ki Lui (Hong Kong) [Six Samurai]

(Image taken from YuGiOh Asia Official Forum)

Final bracket on Day 2

Deck distribution

(Source: Duel Entrance)

8x Junk Doppel
6x Six Samurai
4x Agent Fairy
2x TG
2x Machina Gadget
1x Worm
1x Deck Destruction
1x Frog Monarch
1x Disaster Dragon

Deck list of World Champion 2011, Ogawa Takashi

(Source: ワイルドマンのさるさる日記)

Monsters: 19
3 Master Hyperion
3 The Agent of Mystery – Earth
3 The Agent of Creation – Venus
3 Mystical Shine Ball
3 Herald of Orange Light
2 Archlord Kristya
1 Sangan
1 Honest

Spells: 12
3 Pot of Duality
3 Cards from the Sky
1 Dark Hole
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
2 Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 9
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Dust Tornado
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Trap Dustshoot

Extra: 15
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Mist Wurm
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern
1 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 T.G. Hyper Librarian
1 Magical Android
1 Ally of Justice Catastor
1 Armory Arm
1 Grenosaurus
2 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

Side: 15
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
3 Kinetic Soldier
2 Gozen Match
2 Chain Disappearance
3 Dimensional Prison
1 Dust Tornado
1 Malevolent Catastrophe

Final’s video

Duel 1

Duel 2

(Image taken from YuGiOh Asia Official Forum)
Top 4
From left to right: 2nd runner-up – Galileo De Obaldia(Panama), Champion – Takashi Ogawa(Japan), 1st runner-up – Kei Murakoshi(Japan), 3rd runner-up – Phanupak Kongjaroen(Thailand)



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  2. i can beat him

    • then join the fukin world chapionships, fag

  3. It sucks how the Junk Doppel dude threw away the duel… pathetic…

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