Hero Variant

June 16, 2011

With the boost of E.Hero Escuridão, Hero is back into the scene with more options.

Recently there are quite a number of different variation around.

– Hero Beat
– Debris Hero
– Plant Hero

Hero Beat is more of a typical way to play Hero, which I don’t need to explain much.

Here is an example deck list.

It also uses Skill Drain and Beast King Babaros. Due to 3x Skill Drain, Solemn Warning is not used because it is steep on LP. I like the pick of Forbidden Lance over Forbidden Chalice in this case, because there are already 3x Skill Drain. There is also just one copy of Miracle Fusion.

Supreme Arcanite Magician is in the extra deck, which is interesting. It requires a magician synchro and a magician monster. It is hard to get it out with Super Polymerization, and the likely synchro for this is T.G. Librarian. That will be awesome if it can be pulled off.

Debris Hero was popular for a moment sometime back.

Here is an example deck list.

Spirit Reaper is more useful now. Doomcaliber Knight seems like a good addition. First of all, it can be useful for Miracle Fusion when it is in grave. It is quite good in the metagame if you happen to start first. Against Six Samurai, it seals Kageki which also has indirectly prevented Shien. Against Plant, it can be traded for a Ryko.

Compare to earlier Debris Hero build, it only uses  2x Ryko and no Charge of Light Brigade. There was this concern whereby Debris Hero doesn’t run many monsters which range from 11 to 14. There may be a chance that one can’t draw into monster if they have been milled into the grave. Although there is Miracle Fusion, but this problem still is a concern.

Plant Hero is more of ‘Future Fusion Hero’ that is built from Debris Hero.

Here is an example deck list.

I don’t like it because it relies on Future Fusion. It is built from the Future Fusion FTK. I don’t like BF – Zephros because it is quite a dead card in hand. Rather than saying it is plant being mixed into Hero, it is the other way round.

On side note, there is much discussion on United Fairy among the Japanese players on Twitter. 2 cards otk is THE thing now!



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