E.HERO Escuridão

June 5, 2011

When the news of E.HERO Escuridão was out, there was so much hype.

Finally, it was officially out. As expected, YuGiOh GX9 was sold out in Singapore in hours. I pity those who just want to read the manga and for collection.

I wanted to post about it when the news was out, but there was not any nice scan of it. (Mainly due to school work)

Here it is.

E.HERO Escuridão

Level: 8
Attribute: Dark
Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
ATT/DEF: 2500/2000

1 “Elemental Hero” monster + 1 DARK monster
This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card gains 100 ATK for each “Elemental Hero” monster in your Graveyard.

After much anticipation, a dark attribute E-Hero fusion is available in extra deck. Super Polymerization is now more awesome than before, since there is a E.Hero for each each attribute. Even if the dark E.Hero has a crap effect and stats, it will still take up a space in the extra deck.

Earth: Elemental Hero Gaia
Fire: Elemental Hero Nova Master
Wind: Elemental Hero Great TORNADO
Water: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
Light: Elemental Hero The Shining
Dark: Elemental Hero Escuridão

(It reminds me of Captain Planet when I read them, and it is in the same order!)

Due to the fact that no spell, trap or monster effect can be activated in response to the activation of Super Polymerization, it can deal with almost everything. This includes LSS – Shien, which is one of the worst card for Hero deck to play against. In fact, I will argue it was the major reason why Hero Beat was not played as frequently in the last restriction list. During the September 2010 list, a large portion of the metagame decks was Six Samurai when Storm of Ragnarok was out. LSS – Shien was the main reason why Six Samurai had such a good match up against Hero Beat.

Of course, with E.Hero Escuridão and Super Polymerization, it does not mean the match up advantage shifts to Hero now. However, it certainly is more balance than before.

It seems more feasible now to have Super Polymerization in main deck, since it is more versatile in terms of match up. It is an answer to almost everything. However, there is a card disadvantage when Super Polymerization is played under normal circumstances.

Super Polymerization + E.Hero (on your field) + Discarded card + opponent’s monster = E.Hero Fusion

-3 (your cards) + 1 (opponent’s monster) + 1 (Fusion) = -1 card

Another words, it is only worthy to use it on hard-to-get-rid monster, e.g. LSS – Shien, whereby it is likely to take more resources to remove it in comparison. Often players has to invest a certain amount of resources in order to summon such type of monster on field. It is difficult for them to deal with a big E.Hero fusion monster after that monster is gone. When they finally clear that E.Hero  fusion monster, a Miracle Fusion should seal the game.

Looking forward to see more Hero Beat and Debris Hero around.


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