Forbidden Lance

May 17, 2011

Forbidden Lance’s popularity has increased in this restriction list.

Eye brow raised when I spent more than the then market price to get it. (Partly because I rarely do that.)

Type: Spell
Category: Quick-play

Select 1 face-up monster on the field. Until the End Phase, it loses 800 ATK, but is unaffected by the effects of other Spell/Trap Cards.

The main reason for the sudden increase in usage is that Book of Moon is restricted to one. Forbidden Lance is a close replacement for Book of Moon.

Firstly, both are quick-play spell which can be played from hand or set.

Secondly, they can protect your monster to preserve board presence. For example against Mirror Force.

Thirdly, it aids to attack down opponent’s monster. Book of Moon can be used on monster with high attack but low defense, e.g. Monarchs. Forbidden Lance acts like a reverse Rush Recklessly, which can be used in damage step.

Of course, Book of Moon is better than Forbidden Lance generally. Book of Moon can stop monster combo plays that Forbidden Lance can’t. Book of Moon can turn a tuner face down to stop a synchro summon.

So what decks use Forbidden Lance now?

Mainly decks that involves board presence.
– Gladiator Beast
– Agent Angel
– Whirlwind Black Feather

Forbidden Lance is a great choice for Gladiator Beast. First of all, Gladiator Beast is a control deck and board presence is probably the most important factor required to control the game. Forbidden Lance helps to keep Gladiator Beast monsters on field against traps. Another reason is that Forbidden Lance’s ability to lower the attack of opponent’s monster. Often, Gladiator Beast finds it hard to deal with high attack monster, and Forbidden Lance covers this weakness as well.

As for Agent Angel, by keeping Archlord Kristya on the field long is often enough to win the game.

Black Feather has moved on to Graveyard built, but there are still Whirlwind Black Feather around. In fact, there is a Falcon Black Feather built around which I will follow up in the next post.


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