Metagame (May 2011)

May 6, 2011

It has been more than 2 months since the release of the current restriction list. The current metagame has taken shape.

Main decks:
– Six Samurai
– Graveyard Black Feather
– Junk Doppel
– Machina Karakuri

– Gladiator Beast
– Gravekeeper
– Frog Synchro
– Agent Angel
– Hero
– Dragunity

In the last restriction list (Sep 2010), the main decks are Six Samurai, Whirlwind Black Feather and Debris Dandy. These three decks adapted to the current restriction list to form the current main decks.

Six Samurai

The notable difference is the Gateway of the Six being restricted to one. This changes the way Six Samurai plays, whereby it is no longer just first turn crazy card advantage and Shien lock.  The current play style is closer to Shien beatdown. The main strategy is still revolving the summoning of Shien on the first turn, then win from there.
(Sample deck list)

Graveyard Black Feather

The change is more drastic compared to Six Samurai. Both BF-Kalut and Icarus Attack are being restricted to one and two copies respectively. In my opinion, BF-Kalut plays a bigger part than Icarus Attack to shift Whirlwind Black Feather to Graveyard Black Feather build. In fact, I will argue that this is the best deck now. This is because of its consistency whereby there are three Pot of Duality and two Card Trooper. This is also the most played deck in Japan.
(Sample deck list)

Junk Doppel

Dandylion deserves to be restricted to one. Doppel Warrior indirectly replaces its role. The general strategy is still the same, but there is an ‘extra winning condition’, which is summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon. Most play either Debris Dragon build or Quick Synchron build.
(Sample deck list)

Machina Karakuri

It is an extension of Machina Gadget. Karakuri gives it more trickery, and also the abuse of Karakuri Bureido. System Down is seen in some side decks.
(Sample deck list)


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