Debris Hero

March 26, 2011

As the title suggests, it’s Debris Dragon + Heros.

At first glance, they don’t look compatible. However, result has suggested otherwise.

It has been doing well in recent tournaments in Japan.
– 2x Top 8 in Takeshi Yasu Championship
– 1st in 1st Osaka Championship
– Top 8 in 1st Osaka Championship
– 2nd in Kumamoto Team Tournament
– 4th in Smile Team Tournament

Below is an example deck list.

Tournament: 1st Osaka Championship
Player: みのりん

(Source: 大阪CS公式HP, Translation: World of OCG)

Monster: 12

2x Spirit Reaper
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Debris Dragon
1x Snowman Eater
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
3x Elemental Hero Neos Alius

Spells: 15

1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Future Fusion
1x Super Polymerization
1x Monster Reborn
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
3x Pot of Duality
3x Miracle Fusion
1x Dark Hole
3x Gemini Spark

Traps: 13

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Jugdment
2x Solemn Warning
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Torrential Tribute
3x Hero Blast

Side Deck: 15

2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Greenkappa
2x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
1x Rainbow Life
1x Royal Oppression
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Super Polymerization
1x The Transmigration Prophecy
2x Emergency Provisions
1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Chain Disappearance

Extra Deck: 15

1x Iron Chain Dragon
1x Elemental Hero Great TORNADO
3x Elemental Hero The Shining
2x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
1x Elemental Hero Gaia
1x Elemental Hero Nova Master
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
1x Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Hero is the core of this deck.

It is like a Hero-Beat. The main difference is the monsters, whereby only key Hero monsters are used. The rest are Debris Dragon and its support. The spell and trap choices are close to Hero-Beat too.

Apart from Heros,
– Debris Dragon (Wind)
– Spirit Reaper (Dark)
– Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (Light)
– Snowman Eater (Water)

Each has a different attribute. This gives options when the player has Miracle Fusion or Future Fusion. There is a range of E.Heros in the extra deck of different attibutes, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light.

Then why Spirit Reaper?
It is that awesome. Although it can’t be used for fusion because there is no Dark attribute E.Hero fusion (yet?). Debris Dragon can bring it back, which allows synchro summon. It syncs well with the beat down side of Hero-Beat as it can direct attack for card advantage. By itself, it is still good.

It has a good range of Synchro monsters.
– Iron Chain Dragon (6 stars beat stick, helps to keep Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier in extra deck for better use.)
– Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Staple)
– Black Rose Dragon (Staple)
– Ancient Fairy Dragon (7 stars wall, helps to keep Black Rose Dragon in extra deck for better use.)
– Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (go well with Snowman Eater.)
– Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (you love it, you hate it, you use it.)

There is a good chance to summon Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste too.

Also, 1x Future Fusion, 3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and 1x Charge of the Light Brigade give the deck decent milling speed. This lowers the chance of Debris Dragon or Miracle Fusion being dead draws. 3x Pot of Duality gives it consistency (I like decks which allow me to play 3x Pot of Duality).

Another thing that I personally like about this deck is the card destruction ability. Gemini Spark, Hero Blast, Snowman Eater, Ryko etc.

Future Fusion + Miracle Fusion + Super Polymerization = feel high

Probably there will be an updated version when Exceed monsters are available.




  1. Wow nice article, I like EH ^^

  2. Just gotta point out, can’t get Brionac with this deck, Brionac isn’t a dragon, its a sea serpent, but besides that, looks nice, I’d try it.

    • Like I’ve mentioned, it is a staple despite it isn’t a Dragon. Of course, you can swap it for another monster which has a higher chance to be summoned out.

      • Problem is, with Debris Dragon as the tuner how would you even able to bring Brionac out? o_O

      • Monster Reborn. It is there because the rest of the 14 cards are basically all you need. Like I’ve said, swap it for another card if there’s a better choice. If you wish to have a better answer, please email the person who formed this deck (みのりん).

  3. I know but Monster Reborn just to bring Brionac is just situational. Well I saw in shriek ocg that there are many Debris Hero builds that doesn’t include Brionac.

  4. Maxilicious had explained his point. It is situational and you can swap it for a better choice.

  5. Hmmm, hey guys i have a question, i saw some debris hero builds that are running 3 raiou instead of 3 ryko and sometimes dandelion too, which would be better? The build with 3 raiou/dandelion or this build hahaha

    • Debris Hero is a versatile deck whereby you can control or beat down. It is hard to justify which is better, generally it revolves around the core cards. By playing 3x Raiou, it leans towards the beat down control side. However, I will prefer to summon a Neos instead due to Gemini Spark and hero support cards. Ryko is also more “match up friendly” than Raiou in my opinion.

  6. Oh i see haha, thanks! And one more thing, i notice debris hero builds always puts 12 monsters, why not put 13? And why do they only put 1 snowman eater, wouldn’t 2 be better as you can summon gungnir easier or have more fusion materials to summon more than 1 absolute zero if need be?

  7. And about hero blast, why not play 2 or maybe even 1? Because i feel 3 is too much as it might be a dead draw haha

  8. Oh and one more thing, why is book of moon not in here?

  9. First of all, this isn’t my deck, so my rationale may not be consistent with the original idea. As for the minor adjustment, it is likely to be due to self preference and adjustment to respective metagame.

  10. Oh okay thanks hahaha 🙂 So what’s your opinion of playing dandylion in the deck?

    • Debris Hero can’t utilise Dandylion much other than just s.summon through Debris Dragon. There is no ‘nice’ way to get it into the grave, other than set it on the field or discard it through Super Polymerization. Therefore, it is better to play other monsters like Snowman Eater whereby it is a better card when set. Debris Hero can’t really abuse the 2 tokens of Dandylion as well. If I play this deck, I won’t play Dandylion.

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  12. […] Debris Hero was popular for a moment sometime back. […]

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