Hong Kong (26/01/11)

February 1, 2011

I was so busy for the past weeks. I was in Guang Dong area before I went to Hong Kong, and I just came back to HK from Macau.

I met up with Lok Chi Hang (HK’s World Championship Rep 2010) and visited the Konami Centre. Then, we went to another building nearby whereby it has many card shops (7-8?).

It is kinda secretive, whereby you won’t know existence of the card shops even if you walk past the building entrance.

Nothing has changed since we had went there in 2009.

I’m not a trader, so I just picked up some sleeves and deck boxes. (and just a few cards)

The above photo is a poster of Hong Kong’s Asia Championship 2011 Qualifier. Its qualifier final is on 27/02/11. That means their qualifier will be using the current ban list but the Asia Championship 2011 will use the next ban list (March 2011).

I was told that it’s because they want to have one major (single) tournament in each ban list.



  1. Nice ¡¡¡

  2. Yeo Max, bring me back some maps and stuff leh. Gonna head to hk in march, n will be good if u can mark the nice to see stuff as well as the card shops / konami centre locations for me?

    When r u back, let me know yah? Thx

    • you can get maps at the airport easily. as for card shops, i’m not sure myself. lol. i’ll try to ask for you.

  3. on your blog “we went to another building nearby whereby it has many card shops (7-8?).”
    where is this building what address may i know? am planning to visit hongkong

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