Millennium Game World (24/12/10) and my strategy against Six Samurai

December 25, 2010

Another tournament that I lost to Six Samurai eventually.

I adjusted my side deck strategy again after this tournament. There’s this Chinese saying, “天道酬勤”, which means “Heaven will reward those who work hard”.

Deck used: Black Feather

Round 1: Six Samurai (Akira)

Round 2: Black Feather (Jeff)

Round 3: Machina Gadget

Top 16: Six Samurai

Top 8: Six Samurai

Battle for top 6: Black Feather (Jess)

Result: top 6 (5th/6th)
Prize: Stardust Dragon (Ultimate rare)

I lost to Six Samurai mainly due to Hurricane (Giant Trunade) for this tournament. (I’m not trying to find excuse that opponent top deck it etc.)

My strategy against Six Samurai is divided into 2 routes:
– Prevention (I start first)
– Reaction (Opponent starts first)

My win rate for the reaction route is quite fixed, because Six Samurai is too awesome to start first. I’ve accepted this. There’s no point to get angry over opponent being lucky that he can pull of the infinite loop combo, or set up Shien lock in the first turn.

My prevention strategy has one weakness which is Hurricane, and I only have Solemn Judgment that can stop it (Maybe Trap dustshoot too). Since both are restricted to one card, I don’t want to go into probability. Imagine the above scenario happens: After using Solemn Judgment to stop the Hurricane, I’m left with 4000 LP. My other prevention cards may include Solemn Warning. Opponent then summons Kageki, which I will likely use Solemn Warning. That will bring my LP to 2000, which is dangerous if I don’t have monster to support the set up properly. This goes back to the logic that if I draw more prevention trap cards, then I’ll likely not to have monsters. But well, a Shura with the prevention cards can actually seal the game most of the time.

Therefore, now I will go towards the direction to improve my win rate against Hurricane in the prevention strategy. Although it’s just one card, but it effectively killed me in this tournament. (Actually I did lost to it in earlier tournaments though.) I’ve looked through some of the Japanese players’ deck lists, and seems like I’m not the only one who has this problem. Among those lists that I’ve gone through, they’ve (more or less) the similar side deck cards against Hurricane. But I’ve tried and disliked their options.

My current strategy against Six Samurai is to secure the duels that I start first after side deck, which wins me one duel per match. When opponent starts first, I can only hope he doesn’t pull off an infinite loop or I’ve the reaction cards that I needed without being interrupted by opponent. It is really down to the first duel before side deck happens, which is in favor towards the Six Samurai. The dice roll is too important.

To support what I just mentioned, this tournament was a good example.

Round 1:
1. I won the dice roll, but opponent OTK me on his first turn with Hurricane and Gateways.
2. My prevention strategy worked.
3. Opponent started first and the card advantage into the 3rd turn was -2.5 for me.

Top 16:
1. He won the dice roll, and had the infinite combo.
2. My prevention strategy worked.
3. Average hand for both, but I won by setting up field control.

Top 8:
1. He won the dice roll, and set up Shien lock with proper traps.
2. My prevent strategy worked.
3. I set up my field but lost to Hurricane.

I realise I post about playing against Six Samurai for my last 3 tournament posts. Well, it’s the deck to beat, and I mainly only lost to it.

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  1. Did u eat the free flow of pizza? Haha. Btw just want to say hi, like ur articles

    • Nope, I’ve no chance to eat pizza, but I ate one piece of chicken though. Thanks for visiting.

  2. we all have the same problems man =)

  3. http://unknown-persona.blogspot.com/

    quote : “I love to see bf fight against me lol… they struggle and struggle and sided alot of cards while i only sided 1 dust in =D”

    thoughts ? i noticed u never did say what you put in your side deck for six sam, and yes i am quite free.

    • I’m still adjusting my side deck choices and ratio. But I’ll post my deck list and the side deck strategy before I fly off.

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