Metagame deck ranking (23/12/10)

December 23, 2010

It has been exactly 1 month since i’m in Singapore.

After playing the game for 3 weeks, here is my rating for the decks.

– Six Samurai

– Whirlwind Black Feather
– Debris Dandy

– Quickdraw Warrior
– Angel
– Hero Beat
– Machina Gadget
– Graveyard Black Feather
– Infernity
– Gladiator Beast
– Lightlord
– Gravekeeper

– Scrap
– Frog Monarch
– X-Sabers

I feel Six Samurai is above the rest. It’s simply because they will likely to win when they start first, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The infinite combo is broken, and the Shien + Solemn Warning lock is awesome. Even when they start second, it will depend on whether opponent has the cards to stop the combo.

The 2 decks in A-Rank are top decks but just below Six Samurai. Some may argue about Debris Dandy is being ranked A and Quickdraw Warrior is being ranked B. This is because I don’t see Quickdraw Warrior competes at the top recently, but Debris Dandy does. It is like an evolution. Quickdraw Warrior becomes Debris Dandy. However, TG Librarian may change Quickdraw Warrior now. There may be more Junk Synchron and less Quickdraw Synchron in the deck.

Although Angel has been doing well recently, I still do not rate it A-Rank. This is because I don’t see players prepare side deck against it. I’ve the presumption that if it’s a top deck, then people will prepare side deck against it. Nevertheless, it has great potential as it wins Six Samurai and Black Feather in some recent Japanese tournaments.

Gravekeeper is interesting, and I decide to rate it B. First of all, it will depend on whether it plays the TCG exclusives, e.g. GK Recruiter. But the main strength of the deck is 1st turn Royal Tribute, which can effectively kill off most decks. Just this alone, it has the big ‘start first advantage’ like Six Samurai. The reason I place it in B is because I don’t see much of it in OCG.

For C-Rank, I just throw the rest in it.
Although you may argue they’re competitive too, but I don’t feel they’re as good as those above them.

Anyway, this is my personal rating, so just take it with a pinch of salt.

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  1. Infernity B rank? who still plays it now?

  2. It is my personal ranking. I did see some players play it. e.g. Jacky and Banana

  3. =.= u replied me at 3.00am u dun sleep ar..

  4. I slept at 5am. =)

  5. Nice Article =)

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