YGO Cafe Team Cup 2010

December 19, 2010

I joined another team tournament with Sam and Akira.

Team oGs
Leader:  Sam [Six Samurai]
Duelist A: Maxilicious (me) [Black Feather]
Duelist B: Akira [Six Samurai]

By the way, oGs stands for ‘Old Generations‘. It is the name of a Korea professional Starcraft II team.

I will just go with ‘Game 1, 2, 3’, because there was a confusing change in the format during tournament. Clearly, I was unhappy with it but I’m not going to elaborate here.

Game 1: VS Team (unknown)
VS Six Samurai
Team result: OXO

Game 2: VS Team (unknown)
VS Gladiator Beast
– OO
Team result: OOO

Game 3: VS Team ‘We are late cause of MonHunt’
VS Six Samurai (Clarence)
– XX
Team result: OXO

Game 4: VS Team ‘9 Gateways’
VS Six Samurai
– OO
Team result: OOO

Game 5 (Final): VS Team ‘We are late cause of MonHunt’
VS Six Samurai (Clarence)
Team result: OXO

Result: First
Prize: Duel Disk – Yusei version 2010

I apologise that I label 2 teams as ‘unknown’, because I didn’t ask about their names.

It is so hard to win against Six Samurai! I’ve been practicing against it, and improve my overall strategy against it. But apparently, it’s not good enough.

I lost 3 matches to Six Samurai today, and I lost the dice roll for all 3. Statistic has shown that BF stands a low chance of winning against Six Samurai if they start first. The disappointing part is that I lost even when opponent made mistakes, or even came up with debatable side deck choices. I could read their moves and knew that they’re not playing the best moves. Yet I can’t punish them for it, despair.

Although there’s little doubt that Six Samurai is on the favorable side of the match up against BF, I believe I can improve my win rate. There’s still room for improvement regarding my side deck strategy. I’m not going to disclose anything here as it’s still not tested. Anyway, it’s not new found side deck cards against Six Samurai but just how to utilise the key side deck cards better.

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  1. its not ur fault lol

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