Six Samurai [crazy] opening

December 17, 2010

The title says it all.

The pictures below tell the story.

I was playing against Wan Xin (Xiao Mei), and she started first.

1. Start with 3x Six Samurai United and 1x Gateway of the Six.
2. Add all Six Samurai monsters from her deck to hand.
3. Flood the field with Kizan and Grandmaster
4. Use 3x Six Samurai United to draw 6 cards and have countless tokens on Gateway of the Six (12 cards in hand)
5. Set 4 cards and end her turn with 6 cards in hand and 10 cards on field


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  1. Uuff Six samurai are sooooo broken.
    See ya en the next format list ^^” jejejejeje

  2. FYL. Haha

  3. Life will get better in March against Six Samurai. =)

  4. Remember when this game required skill and precise planning to win?

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