Tech Genus Hyper Librarian

December 16, 2010

The new Weekly Jump promo, Tech Genus Hyper Librarian.

Before I begin, the book is currently sold out in Singapore Kinokuniya(s). Apparently there are people who bought many copies, and attempt to control the market.

Not sure if there is more shipment for the book. But nevertheless, there are other ways to get it. I won’t pay extra to those who bought N books then grab the cards and discarded the N books at the bin outside Kinokuniya.

A 5 star synchro monster with no specific material monsters required and the current choices are AOJ catastor and Magical Android. TG Hyper Librarian has the stats of Magical Android with 2400 ATT, which is decent.

It is dark attribute, which makes it useful in some situations.
I will stick to my AOJ Catastor for its attribute and effect, also Magicial Android because I need to control the number of dark monsters in my grave at times. (Little effect of cognitive dissonance lol)

It is a spellcaster, which makes it a material for cards like Arcanite Magician.

Its effect is good. Draw a card for each synchro summon by either player, which includes yourself.
2 points here:
– It’s a mandatory effect
– Synchro summon which is not special summon a synchro monster.  You can’t draw when you use BF-Vayu to special summon a synchro monster, or use monster reborn.

Also probably it’ll be extra useful for future Tech Genus.

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  1. I DRAW!

    • I’m gonna post the video here. Later…

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