Card Master (04/12/10)

December 5, 2010

I joined the tournament in Card Master today (yesterday).

My first tournament after close to a year break.

Deck used: Whirlwind Black Feather

Round 1: Six Samurai

Round 2: Six Samurai

Round 3: Six Samurai

Round 4: Six Samurai

Result: didn’t make it to top 8

Although my main purpose is to play test my deck and to know the metagame, the result is far from satisfactory.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my main deck, but my side deck against Six Samurai is not good enough. I prepared my side deck for 3 main decks: Black Feather, Debris Dandy and Six Samurai.

As for my play, it’s not good enough. I made mistakes which is because my understanding of Six Samurai is mediocre. I can’t read some of the moves as well. However, after the ‘training’ against Six Samurai today, I’ll be better prepared next time.

From experience, it seems like Six Samurai will win one game ‘by default’ in a duel. I’m referring to the consistency of it to get out the gateway combo, which will result in massive card and field advantage on the first turn. If not it’s second turn, with Giant Trunade, which I’ve experienced despair today several times

P.S. I didn’t get to play test against other decks as I’m paired against 4 Six Samurai.


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