Side deck cards against True Six Samurai (Compilation)

November 19, 2010

Everyone is talking about True Six Samurai (Legedary Six Samurai) and how it’s going to take the metagame by storm.

People discuss about the combo, and what are the cards to side against it. Here I’m going to compile the (notable) cards which have been mentioned to side against True Six Samurai that i’ve came across (through various mediums).

I will not state the source, simply because I will surely miss out some (too many people, too many medium). Of course, I’m not here to take their credit.

Also, Magatama of Musakani needs to be taken into consideration.

Gozen Match

It works like Rivalry of Warlord, but it is attribute. The monsters of True Six Samurai have different attributes, and they generally require another copy of True Six Samurai on the field in order to have effect. Also it gets past Magatama of Musakani, so Gozen Match is good choice. The problem is that not many decks can play it without self-contradiction. Black Feather seems like the obvious choice. BF is one of the main decks in the metagame, so I expect this to be played often and True Six Samurai to prepare for this as well.

P.S. The picture tells half of the story (related: Duelist Codex)

Skill Drain

It can seal of the effect of the monsters. However, it does not stop the special summon. So there is a chance that True Six Samurai player floods he field with monsters and attack for the kill. If activated in response to the effects of Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, this card can potentially stop Legendary Six Samurai – Shien from entering the field so readily. This generates a three-way benefit: 1. Opponent is stuck with a low attack power monster on his field after commiting his summon for the turn. 2. You can presume and infer that opponent has another Six Samurai in his hand, which you may prepare yourself for. 3. Opponent loses tempo of the match temporarily which you may use to your favour.

Royal Oppression

True Six Samurai can be special summoned when there is another on field, and this starts most of the combos. Therefore, stop the special summon, stop the combo. But Grandmaster of Six Samurai can still do a loop to bypass it.

Warrior Elimination

Just in case you don’t know its effect, normal spell: “destroy all face up warrior type monsters”. In my opinion, it is too slow to be effective. It is only used after the True Six Samurai player had summoned and did his combo in the earlier turn, provided you even have next turn. In short, not practical, after factoring in the high probability of Legendary Six Samurai – Shien being on the field.

Spell Shattering Arrow

Mainly to destroy the permanent spell cards like Gateway of the Six. It does stop the loop combos, and it only serves it’s purpose if you destroy more than one. It is because you can use Dust Tornado instead and it is certainly better in many aspects. Firstly, it is a more versatile card overall and can be used in other match ups. Secondly, Spell Shattering Arrow is solely for one purpose which is passive. Dust Tornado can be used on set card when you want to make moves. The benefit of Spell Shattering Arrow is that it is a spell which can be used on your own turn, and I don’t see the impact. But it’s superior when opponent uses more than one Gateway of the Six. Personally, I will choose Dust Tornado if this is the side deck direction.

Fairy Wind

It serves the same purpose as Spell Shattering Arrow, but with more flexibility. It allows the player to handle decks which utilises continuous traps such as Call of the Haunted and Gravity Bind, on top of the Gateway of the Six which it is intended for primarily.

Super Polymerization

Interesting. It has limited options though. Probably can be used in Hero-Beat. Recommend to activate after Legendary Six Samurai – Kagemusha is on the field via the effects of Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki. Special summon out Elemental Hero Gaia to gain tempo on the opponent. Even better, use when Legendary Six Samurai – Shien is on field with Kizan and others.

Thunder King Raioh

It stops opponent from adding cards to hand. Raw attack power of 1900 is sufficient to take

down most of the Six Samurai Monsters. You stop Synchro summoning, adding of cards to hand via spell tutors, and a powerful beatstick. What’s more to ask for?

Kinetic Soldier

It can beat everything in a True Six Samurai deck which includes Shien. It may probably just sit there and can’t do anything about the loop combo. Nevertheless, an interesting mention.

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(Edited by Mintstar)



  1. u forgot chain disappearance… japanese side 3 to anti kageki and kagemusha now…

    • also puppet plant from STON. good vs Six Sam & GK.

  2. Chain disappearance is more situational, but is an option. Puppet plant is only ideal for Debris Dandy, which has more tuner monsters.

  3. IDK, but Solemn Warning is rpetty good to stop the initial Kageki… Also if you feel like using a random tech choice, you can also use The Selection to negate the kagemusha summon, or whatever else they feel like playing.

    • Solemn Warning should suffice to negate the summoning of the Six Samurais. The Selection might probably be for Six Samurai in a mirror match. =)

  4. trap hole is better to,

    but most important to prevent true six sam is to prevent to summon its 1st monster, because if you allowed 1 six sam monster to land on the monster card zone, expect theres a friends followed and stabs you 5 times

    • Trap hole can’t stop Shien (Kageki then Kagemusha). I agree with the logic of preventing the summoning of 1st monster. You can check up on my newer posts as I’ve discussed about how I play against Six Samurai.

  5. ballanse a la berga putos ni asi le ganan a mi deck todo foliado de los six samurai true

    • ajaja tu deck foliado y tu todo follado

      • nonononnomano tu te cacagste

  6. The deck build I’ve come up with has an out main decked to all those except Kinetic. That’s why I side Forbidden Chalice & Chivalry to handle Kinetics, Faders, Rykos, Gorz, etc…

  7. Use Prohibition on Kagemusha. ‘Nuff said.

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