Strategy for Asia Tournament Plus 2010

October 1, 2010

Asia Tournament Plus 2010 is the hot stuff now.

Basically, it is an Asia tournament with their respective representatives, but in teams of 3. The final will be played in Hong Kong in December.

The interesting part is that players share one ban list within the team.
Another words, each team can only have 1x of a restricted card, 2x of a semi-restricted card etc…
For example, there can only be one Monster Reborn in one team, and not one Monster Reborn for each player in one team.

With this restriction, players will have to play different decks in a team.  You can’t have three Black Feather decks in a team, effectively.

The first part of this article is about what decks to pick for the tournament.

Personally, I propose this deck combination strategy:
– Trap base
– Open concept
– Special

Trap base means that the deck is trap heavy. The main traps will go to this deck, e.g. Bottomless Traphole & Mirror Force. Examples of such decks will be Black Feather and Gladiator Beast. If you look at the recent Black Feather deck lists, they don’t run Torrential Tribute and Dark Hole. It is because of the board presence that the deck has makes these cards have lower utility. Not to forget you can have Icarus Attack to clear monsters. This can free up these strong cards for another deck.

Open concept means that the deck runs zero or few traps. For example, Frog Monarch and Lightlord. These decks run heavily on monsters. Although the trap base deck takes up the main traps, it doesn’t affect these decks much. Another deck that comes to my mind is Debris Plant with Royal Palace, which is a popular build. One key thing to remember for open concept decks is that there will be no Envoy of Hades Gorz, beware.

Special means a more theme base deck, or special win deck. This deck doesn’t take up the main spells and traps which we normal use in decks, at most just a few if others are not using. Example of special win deck is Final Countdown. Cough*


Here comes the interesting part.

Players have to adjust the way they play. What do I mean by adjusting the way you play?
Imagine this, opponent has a few set cards while you’re calculating and considering whether you should attempt to do an OTK. You consider the possibility of the set cards, his LP, the cards in his grave etc. Now you may think that there is a high chance he set a Mirror Force or Torrential Tribute, and so you decide to play safe. Sound absolutely normal, isn’t it.

Now after you played safe, and looked to the next table. Your team mate’s opponent activated Mirror Force, and another has Torrential Tribute in his grave. Now you do realised your mistake, don’t you?

Another words, you have to consider not just your direct opponent but also your indirect opponent (the players who your team mates play against). If your indirect opponent has a certain game breaking card, that means your direct opponent doesn’t have it.

I doubt you can ask to look at your indirect opponent’s grave, but your team mate can. So here comes another interesting part! Are you allowed to communicate with your team mates? If it’s legal, then you can ask your team mate to check it for you. One tip is that, you can alert your team mates when your opponent has used a certain restricted to 1 or 2 cards. This can help them with their decisions. Don’t forget, this includes synchro monsters. Example, Brionac, which is restricted to one.


Side deck is probably the most difficult part of this tournament. You don’t just share your main deck, but your side deck too. Another note is that it’s hard to prepare side deck because you may meet one of those special decks I mention.

There are many unexplored areas in this format, since it’s new. I’m interested to know what others can think of. Feel free to leave a comment below to share.

Written by Maxilicious



  1. Shout when someone activated Torrential on you.

    “wah lao ehhhhhhhhh I kena Torrential nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. Nice example of the abuse.

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