Card review: Solemn warning

September 12, 2010

Decided to make a (noob) banner for ‘card review’ as well.

This is about Solemn warning. Yes, I know, it’s not a new card. However, I decided to post about it because of what I read recently.

First, just look at the card. (typical my style)

Solemn Warning (神の警告)

Type: Trap
Property: Counter

Pay 2000 Life Points. Negate the Summon of a monster OR the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster’s effect that would Special Summon a monster(s), and destroy that card.


If you remove the cost of pay 2000 LP, this card looks great, too great.

Negate and destroy the summoning which does not restrict to just monster card but also activation of spell and trap, plus it is a counter trap. You will probably play 3 copies in most of your decks given my assumption above.

We don’t see players having 3 copies in most decks, mainly due to the 2000 LP. Thus, it brings out the ultimate question of whether 2000 LP justify its worth.

I don’t have to elaborate how important LP is since it is a winning condition. However, there are times whereby LP seems to mean little. And most of ‘these times’ are when one player has the advantage of field control or even plus card advantage. It is because opponent find it hard to deal damage to that player’s LP, but rather trying  to keep himself alive. Although it is a normal strategy to go ‘all in’ to sneak a win under opponent’s control with the resources you’ve by spending them all to bring opponent’s LP to zero. But when opponent has ‘absolute’ control, it seems rather steep. One example is Gladiator beast, whereby it has earned some card advantage and follow up with 3-5 set cards at the back, and of course with monsters as well. It is hard to get around it as opponent just has answer for your every move. Solemn Warning will be a good card to have for the GB player in this situation unless his LP is too low for it. It is because the key is to maintain control and not to keep his LP healthy. Indirectly, his LP becomes his resource to maintain his board presence and eventually wins the game.

This is like Solemn Judgement, whereby its strength is best highlighted when it is used by the player who has the advantage. Although they are quite different in some ways, since Solemn Judgement does not have a stated required LP to use, and you can use it at any LP. When you use such cards while you’re trying to stay alive, it will probably just keep you alive a little longer.

After understanding what brings out the best of Solemn Warning, it comes to ‘what deck?’.

With the example above, Gladiator Beast is ideal for it. Black Feather is another candidate since it can provide that board presence control factor. As I’ve stated in the beginning of this article, I’ve read deck lists of Dandy warrior. I’ve seen Solemn Warning in some of the deck list, which let me wonder if it is suitable for that deck.

If you examine the deck, it is built around counter-attacking. You set monsters and farm your set up, e.g. with Raikou and Snowman Eater. Then the likely time to make a strong comeback is with Debris Dragon + Dandylion for Blackrose Dragon. Of course it is not so one dimensional as I just mentioned, but I can’t find a really good timing for Solemn Warning. It does not have much of the ‘protect your board presence’ factor, probably only after you’ve synchro summoned big monsters. And to do that you will have to ‘make a come back’ first, but your LP may not be ideal to use Solemn Warning. Furthermore, with the Dandylion tokens being target of Sirocco + Bora pierce, it just doesn’t sound fit to me.

Nevertheless, it is a good card (OH YES, it’s common!). The timing and deck to use it are crucial.

Written by Maxilicious


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