Blackfeathers: Old cards but new tricks to handle changes in general playstyle

September 8, 2010

After the implementation of the new Forbidden and Limited list, I notice that there was a change in the way some players play the game.

Players are generally willing to set more Trap and Spell cards as the threat of Heavy Storm are no longer present.
This reduces the possibility of the activation of the trap card: Trap Dustshoot after the game progresses beyond the starting turn of both players.

This meant that the risk of including Trap Dustshoot is even higher, while the reward remains the same.
Trap Dustshoot’s chance of being a dead draw is now higher.

Fortunately for Blackfeathers users, they may have a potential substitute for Trap Dustshoot:

Delta Crow – Anti Reverse
Activate only while you control a face-up Blackwing monster. If you control exactly 3 Blackwing monsters, this card can be activated from your hand. Destroy all face-down Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls.

The increase in the willingness of players to set more Spell and Trap cards meant that there will be an increase in the amount of cards that players are willing to commit on their field. This increases the reward for a successful activation of Delta Crow – Anti Reverse, and could potentially win a game for a Blackfeather player on turn 1, similiar to Trap Dustshoot. The difference here is that Delta Crow – Anti Reverse nets you the game by card advantage, while Trap Dustshoot does so by providing information.

Previously, Delta Crow – Anti Reverse was deemed surplus to requirements because there was a readily better card in Heavy Storm to it. However, with the rotation of Heavy Storm into the Forbidden section of the Forbidden and Limited list, Delta Crow – Anti Reverse could possibly feature in a Blackfeathers deck to cover for the duties left behind.

In addition, as a Trap card, Delta Crow – Anti Reverse offers more flexibility than its de facto predecessor: Heavy Storm, giving Blackfeather players more options.

You may activate Delta Crow – Anti Reverse on the end phase of opponent’s 1st turn if you begin the game first, ignoring the possibilities of Starlight Road.
You may also chained Delta Crow – Anti Reverse to the activation of Torrential Tribute to prevent the possibility of a Stardust Dragon earning additional card advantage for your opponent should he responds with a Starlight Road. Torrential Tribute will destroy the Stardust Dragon summoned by Starlight Road if Opponent responds with it.

To sum it up, the change in the general play style of some players makes it more risky for players to run Trap Dustshoot. Blackfeather players may opt to use Delta Crow – Anti Reverse as a substitute for both Trap Dustshoot and Heavy Storm. The flexibility of Delta Crow – Anti Reverse remains to be an asset that could be further explored.

Written by MintStar


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