New writer

September 4, 2010

Duel like an idol will have a new writer.

Like I had mentioned before, I took this blog more serious than I thought. Since I’m busy with University, it will be good to have one more writer. Furthermore, I’m currently not tournament active.

He had shown interest in the past about joining my blog, and after much consideration I think it’s not a bad idea.

As far as possible, we will keep the writing style consistent. I have also created an email for this blog (actually it was done long ago): duellikeanidol@gmail.com, updated in the profile on the right.

Written by Maxilicious


Hi everyone. I’ll be part of this blog as of today. I’ll introduce myself formally before my first post which will come sometime this week.

MintStar / Dr.Brainy


Favourite Card:
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Major Honours:
2005 Asian Championship Qualifiers Singapore Champion
2010 World Championship Qualifiers Singapore Champion

I’ve played the game since 2002, but took absence from it between 2005 to 2008.
I’m currently a second year undergraduate in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Singapore SIM Campus).
I’ll be collaborating with Maxicilious in bringing you quality write ups and  overview of the game from time to time.
I welcome your feedback and opinion at any time. Feel free to e-mail us at  duellikeanidol@gmail.com .
Once again, thank you for reading Duel Like an Idol =D

Written by MintStar



  1. omg toshi became a writer!

  2. he is soooo good~

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