Questions for Galileo De Obaldia

August 24, 2010

I have managed to get in contact with World Champion 2010, Galileo from Panama. He agreed to do an interview with Duel like an idol.

So here is how you can participate,

You can let me know the questions that you wish to ask him, and I will insert them in the interview. (Not all will be asked, especially sensitive questions.)
This can be done by:
– leave it as a comment in this post
– email me (hikaru87@gmail.com)
– contact me directly if you know me

This is a chance for you to know more about the World Champion.

I’ve done an interview with Benjamin (World Champion 2009) before, and you can click HERE to get an idea of how an interview will be.

Not just the Champion, but other World Championship participants have agreed to do an interview as well. So stay tuned.

Written by Maxilicious



  1. Can we call him the toad sage like in Naruto..!

  2. Alright I will ask him that.

    There are people who contacted me through email as well, so keep your questions coming. I appreciate them. =)

  3. Well I have 3 simple question for him:

    1) What motivated him to use a frog deck?
    2) After September 1st ban list, what deck is he planning to run?
    3) How competitive is YuGiOh! in Panama?

  4. included questions from KlingeX*

  5. Here’s my question for Galileo:

    Despite running a combo deck, what prompted you to run with a deck size of 41? Is the inclusion of Heavy Storm worth the risk of the lowered probabilities of drawing your combo pieces?

  6. included questions from Akira*

  7. September banlist touched substitoad, so what deck is he gonna play now?

  8. opps i saw exact same qns lol…

    more like, will he now find another new otk or change to decks that really “interact” with opponent?

  9. These questions are shaping up quite nicely =) Looking forward to answering them!

  10. what do you think about the competition in latinoamerica?

  11. included question from Clarence*
    included question from viktordub*

  12. 1) What does he think of the new format? (no storm format)
    2) Whats his opinion on the unbanning of Monster reborn and Dark hole?
    3) How does it feel being one of the best in Europe (possibly outshining Claudio and Rodrigo) and being recognized worldwide?

    • mmm… Panama does not belong to Europe I think.

  13. are you a virgin

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