September 2010 Limited & Forbidden Card List: Actual list

August 21, 2010

I know this is a few days old, but i just don’t have time to blog. I was busy with University etc…

– Rescue Cat
– Heavy Storm
– Brain Control
– Substitoad

– Black Whirlwind
– Royal Oppression
– Infernity Gun
– Trishula
– Monster Reborn
– Dark Hole

Semi Limited:
– Mystical Space Typhoon
– Chaos Sorcerer
– Snipe Hunter
– Ojama Trio
– Magic Cylinder

– Black Rose Dragon
– Goblin Zombie
– Cyber Dragon
– Treeborn Frog
– Royal Decree
– United We Stand

Scan taken from SG YuGiOh Forum

I know my dear Rescue cat is gone =(

But i must say i’m surprised to see Dandylion to stay at two. Of course the change of staples, Brain control and Heavy storm swap for Monster reborn and Black hole. MST goes to two is another unexpected change, because i feel one is fine and you’ve many weaker choices like Dust tornado.

The main change is the staples swap. Others are pretty much minor changes.

Substitoad: well deserved
Black whirwind: reasonable
Royal oppression: i like it at one, encourage more adventurous play. Furthermore MST is at two.
Infernity gun: reasonable
Trishula: reasonable
Chaos sorceror: always hop around different categories of the list every 6 months
Black rose dragon: Dandylion at two
Goblin zombie: unless new good zombie cards, but Mezuki and Burial from D.D. at one.
Cyber dragon: this is interesting overall, apart from being the legendary machine and Chimeratech.

I have thoughts about the impact of Heavy storm being out of the game, next post.

Written by Maxilicious


One comment

  1. I’m really sad for the Cat too… but well, it’s time to move to a different deck I guess 😀

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