August 13, 2010

Gonna post some random (YuGiOh related) stuffs…

First of all, the whole purpose of this post.
There is this person who frequents YuGiOh blog’s tag box and uses the name of ‘MaX’. That is NOT me. People asked me about it (if that’s me), so it’s best that i clarify it asap. The name i used on tag box is ‘Maxilicious’. As for those who linked this blog, I will prefer you to just place my blog’s name which is ‘Duel like an idol’. And not ‘Max – Duel like an idol’, because that misleads people to think that is ‘MaX’. Just to make it clear, I’ve nothing against MaX, but i just don’t wish to be known as the wrong guy.

This is the time whereby you’re not THAT into YuGiOh.

The September ban list is coming, which causes players just don’t really bother to do much. At the meantime, just try to enjoy World Championship as much as possible, and the participants are probably hugging a Mickey mouse in Disneyland right now. >_<

Recently Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity is out with the Weekly Jump, and people are kinda crazy over it. (Point at D.Summon~)

My mother went to Kinokuniya yesterday, and i asked her to help me get a copy since i’m in Australia now. ^-^ And i can’t access to YuGiOh Wiki from Australia. -_-”

Written by Maxilicious



  1. Hope you get your copy of Wisel 😀 Machine Emperors are really living up to the “Synchro Killer” theme

    If I recall last 2 days (Wednesday is when Weekly Jump normally come), there are like 3-5 boxes of it at the Japanese Section Counter. So I’m not sure whether Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatics will run there just to get 3 copies of it.. .___.

    And yes, I’m from Singapore o.0

  2. I heard the story from Dsummon, “When i was there, i saw the lady at the counter taking order of the Weekly Jump as she put down the phone.”

    My mother msn me on Wednesday, “i’ve bought 3x.”
    Happy mother’s day. ^-^

  3. Haha congrats 😀 And I’m not surprised that this week Weekly Jump will be sold out fast due to many people buying 3 copies. I think Wisel will increase value, hurhur XD

    And ya, hope to duel with you someday, I actually just started Yu-Gi-Oh!~ like a few months ago! ^^V

  4. Probably you won’t know that’s me when you see me.

  5. omg what an amazing card!!!

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