Random chat about the metagame

August 10, 2010

I just had a random MSN chat with DSummon from Dueling days, which i find it kinda funny.

This is of course just part of the chat:

maxilicious’ says (11:11 AM):
do u seriously think that rescue cat will get banned?
~Izzit~ says (11:11 AM):
LOL, if Konami does their work properly, yeah
maxilicious’ says (11:11 AM):
oh man, u r a cat hater
~Izzit~ says (11:11 AM):
Main problem is angmoh’s xx-saber abuse it too much alr
maxilicious’ says (11:12 AM):
talking about the TCG side
scroll to the bottom
“Personally I think that Rescue Cat will stay at 1,” Boyd explained. “I think Faultroll will definitely get hit to 1
he shares the same thought as me =)
~Izzit~ says (11:12 AM):
Yes, people who play the deck will think that way for sure
~Izzit~ says (11:13 AM):
Im pretty sure i sounded like that when i was talking about franken last time
maxilicious’ says (11:13 AM):
~Izzit~ says (11:14 AM):
Doesnt really matter what we think, what konami thinks is more impt
Where it probably depends abit on the world finals
maxilicious’ says (11:14 AM):
i just hope it stays at one
~Izzit~ says (11:14 AM):
Before they make a final discussion
maxilicious’ says (11:15 AM):
but i doubt cat will be commonly played in world
~Izzit~ says (11:15 AM):
I think angmoh side will have alot of x saber
maxilicious’ says (11:15 AM):
i doubt so
without too many key cards
especially darksoul
~Izzit~ says (11:16 AM):
Hmmmm, forgot about that
Ok, scratch x-sabers
Written by Maxilicious


  1. Contrary to popular beliefs, the World Championship actually have little, if any, impact on the next ban/restriction list.

    Considering printing and distribution overhead, it is highly unlikely to have any changes made to the V-Jump, which is to be released one week after the World Championship.

  2. This will be the cutest thing in the banlist =S… I also hope that it stays at 1. Haha…

  3. Cat fan club.

  4. Hope Cat doesn’t get hit too.

  5. May be i should do a poll on whether Rescue Cat should be banned.

  6. NO!!! Cat can not be banned !!! plz 😥 I love that card…

  7. I should probably tell you guys two things right now.

    1) Konami is a company. They want to make money. Profits are their primary concern, so the Restricted List will always reflect this in some way.

    2) Konami pays little, if any, attention to the TCG metagame. As such, there will be no significant impact on X-Sabers.

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