Recent “DO大会EXPART25”

July 27, 2010

You may call it the MH tournament, DO 大会 EXPART 25 has just ended last weekend.

There are some interesting builts.

Source: mhのデッキレシピ板

1st: H2/Whirlwind BF
2nd: TTk/Dragunity
3rd: アイス/Infernity
4th: Kurou/Hero gate

Top 8:
虎炮/Cat synchro
ちえん/Gravekeeper diva hero
カイザー/Dimension eatos
あかりちゃんマジ天使/Gladiator beast


H2’s BF main deck runs 3x Deck devastation virus and  2x Rivalry of warlord. It feels like back in the days when Cat synchro is the deck to beat, whereby BF side in Deck devastation virus, Rivalry of warlord or Gozan match. I can’t really say how effective it is in the current metagame.

I like TTk’s Dragunity. And since I’ve not written about Dragunity before, I shall do it on a seperate post. Hopefully I can post it by this week although I may be busy with Starcraft II school.

The most interesting deck of all is ちえん‘s Gravekeeper diva hero. Just the name tells you the components, gravekeepers, Deep sea diva and heros. But in fact there are only two gravekeepers, 2x Gravekeeper spy. And 2x Deep sea diva with 1x Spined gillman. The main stuff is probably the heros, 3x E-hero Neos alius and 1x E-hero Stratos. He also runs 3x Miracle fusion with 2x E-emergency call. So basically, you’ve “6x heros”. With the 3x Miracle fusion, 3x Gemini spark, and 2x Honest, the main card you need to get is E-hero Neos alius. You actually get access to the 3x E-hero Neos alius easier than it seems. Also, monsters like Gravekeeper spy and Deep sea diva can help to filter the deck to increase the chance of getting E-hero Neos alius.

Another interesting part is that he runs 2x Effect veiler, which gives it more control when you’ve E-hero Neos alius on field. Opponent will have to guess if you’ve Honest or Effect veiler in your hand, which makes it hard for opponent to remove the E-hero Neos alius on field. Not to forget you still have Gemini spark.

The deck has 3 choices for Miracle fusion, E-hero Absolute zero, E-hero Gaia, and E-hero The shining.
Effect veiler and Honest -> E-hero The shining
Deep sea diva and Spined gillman -> E-hero Absolute zero
Exile force  -> E-hero Gaia

Special mention for Exile force, it gives you more option with Reinforcement of army. His choice of traps is worth a second look.

Written by Maxilicious



  1. the BF is hatred mode liao… dragunity uprising oso

  2. i like dragunity, but seems like it’s easy to get countered.

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