Quick update

July 26, 2010

I just flew back to Brisbane (Australia) this morning, and the new semester is starting in less than 10 hours.

World Championship 2010 is slightly less than 3 weeks away.

I’ve contacted some of the participants, and three of them are willing to do a short interview with me after the World Championship.

It will be an exclusive interview, so keep a look out for it here.

And as school starts, I’ll not update as often as the past two weeks (once every two days). As much as possible I will keep to a weekly thing. Again, I must remind my readers that I’m currently not tournament-active as I’m studying oversea. Therefore, please do not email me to post my tournament deck lists, because i don’t have one now.

As for those who had sent me a friend request on facebook, or those who will/may do so. Please write a short intro of who you’re, or if you think that I may already know you then remind me of it as I may not recognise you on facebook.

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