How to decide who starts a duel?

July 21, 2010

This is a general ruling that I’m quite sure most of us, if not all, do not follow.

And that includes myself…

At the beginning of the first duel of a match, players need to decide who will start first.

The most common way is to roll a dice, and the player who hits the greater number will get to choose who starts the duel. I do that too.

However, according to the Official Rule Book:

Under ‘Preparing to duel’ – page 25

As highlighted, it’s decided by either ‘rock-paper-scissors’ or ‘coin toss’. But most of us use dice roll instead. I’ve compiled some cut scenes of big tournaments, whereby dice roll is used. This is my first time doing a video, and i just cut the scenes and add in some words.

Written by Maxilicious


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