Debate of Trap dustshoot

July 19, 2010

The utility of Trap dustshoot has been a debate since i don’t know when.

It can win and lose you games. Some love it, some hate it.

Activate only when your opponent has 4 or more cards in their hand. Look at your opponent’s hand, select 1 Monster Card in it, and return that card to its owner’s Deck.


Trap dustshoot is restricted to one, so there is certainly no doubt about how strong this card is. Almost every deck can run it. But still players often ask if they should play Trap dustshoot in their deck. It is mainly because the criteria of your opponent need to have 4 or more cards in his hand.

First of all, if you can activate this card, it will surely give you good advantage in the duel. You look at opponent’s hand which already grants you intel, furthermore you can limit opponent’s play by return a monster of your choice to his deck.  An one for one trade (Trap dustshoot for one monster in opponent’s hand), and you’ve nothing to lose.You know what your opponent is capable of doing with the cards in his hand, and you play around it. Of course there will be times whereby you just feel helpless after you look at opponent’s hand.

It is optimised when you activate it in opponent’s first turn (if you start first), whereby he can hide nothing from you. No set cards, nothing. It will be perfect if opponent even plays Mystical space typhoon on your Trap dustshoot, and you chain with it. Often by activating it in the first turn wins you the game indirectly.

However, if you draw Trap dustshoot whereby opponent has less than 4 cards in hand, it is a dead card. To be more precise, when opponent has 2 or less cards in hand. Because if he has 3, then you can use it when he draws to make it 4. When it is a dead card, it will usually remain a dead card till the game ends. It will probably the last card you wish to draw when you’re on the losing side and have Trap dustshoot being a dead card. You feel despair when you destiny draw it.

As stated above, the timing to draw Trap dustshoot will decide how good or bad it is. The timing to draw it can win or lose you the game indirectly. Since the first turn is the best time you draw it, then how often can you draw it in the first turn?

The probability to draw it in your first turn is 15%, that is assuming you play a 40 cards deck size and start your first turn with 6 cards in hand (after draw phase). The question is whether 15% worth the risk. Not to forget if your opponent starts first and he has less than 4 cards in his hand on your first turn. However, the advantage you gain after you activate the card is so attractive that many players run it in their decks.

Don’t get me wrong, you still can activate Trap dustshoot in the mid game. But that will depend on the deck you play against and it’s likelihood to have 4 or more cards in his hand in mid game. So it will not be silly to determine whether to play Trap dustshoot in your main deck according to the metagame. If the metagame is dominated by trap heavy decks, e.g. Gladiator beast, the chance to draw Trap dustshoot in mid game and use it is low. But if the metagame is dominated by decks whereby the players will keep the cards on their hand, then Trap dustshoot will have less chance to be a dead card if you draw it in the mid game.

If you’re not a player who likes to gamble that 15%, then you may pack Trap dustshoot in your side deck. You side it in when the deck you play against will allow you to activate it in the mid game. Especially if you lose the last duel and get to choose to start first after you side it in and pray that you draw it in your first turn. I see deck lists whereby the side deck contains  Trap dustshoot and Mind crush, or Trap dustshoot in main deck while Mind crush in side deck. These two cards go well with each other and also can be used by itself.

Whether to run Trap dustshoot depends on your preference and the metagame.

Written by Maxilicious



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