Grow up bulb (Card preview)

July 17, 2010

Probably the most talked about card in the Starstrike blast set.

It feels like Plaguespreader zombie and Spore, or maybe the mixture of both.

Grow up bulb (グローアップ・バルブ)

Level: 1
Attribute: Earth
Type: Plant/Tuner
Att/Def: 100/100

Send the top card of your deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. This effect can only be used once per Duel.


It feels like Plaguespreader zombie, because it is a tuner that you can special summon by it’s own effect from the graveyard. One plus point that it’s better than Plaguespreader zombie is that you don’t loss a card in the process by returning a card from your hand on top of your deck. Of course the fact that you can mill a card from deck is usually a plus point. Plaguespreader zombie will be removed from play when it is removed from field after you’ve used it’s effect, while Grow up bulb’s effect can only be used once per duel. Plaguespreader zombie’s effect is likely to be once per duel as well, unless you use Burial from a different dimension etc.

Grow up bulb has plant support cards like Lonefire blossom to summon out, while Plaguespreader zombie has zombie support cards like Goblin zombie. Both cards are splashable in a non-plant or non-zombie deck. Unlike Spore, whereby it’s effect requires to remove a plant type monster from grave, and that makes it less splashable.

The problem is how do you utilise a 1 star tuner well and what type of deck will run such a card. Maybe Quick drawn synchro.


I was discussing with Akira about what if Grow up bulb or Spore’s effect gets Divine wrath-ed. Will the effect of ‘once per duel’ get negated? Hence, you can use it ‘again’ since the ‘first try’ is negated.

Akira suggested that Twin-headed behemoth (older player may remember it as Dol dora) has the same text, ‘once per duel’. The ruling about it regarding this is as follow: (Source: YuGiOh Wikia)

If “Light and Darkness Dragon” negates the effect of “Twin-Headed Behemoth”, then the effect of “Twin-Headed Behemoth” will not activate for a second time during the Duel.

Both Light and darkness dragon and Divine wrath ‘negate the activation of effect monster’s effect’. So base on this, Grow up bulb and Spore can’t activate it’s effect for a second time during the duel.



  1. I would splash one in any deck with a lot of milling or runs dandylion (perferably both). You could synch a token with it for a formula synchron and use it’s effect and syncho for another one, drawing another card. 4 cards for 1. Awesome card advantage. Because it stays in the graveyard, you could then use it to pay the cost of Mark of the Rose.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I saw it commonly used in plant and also decks that mill. And i agree with you that decks that run Dandylion and Grow up bulb have Formula synchron. However sometimes the player did not synchro for Formula synchron because he wants to s.summon Trishula.

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