Vanity space (Card preview)

July 16, 2010

Starstrike blast was out in Singapore yesterday, and there is card scan available on Dueling days.

Vanity space is a card that catch my attention.

Vanity space (虚無空間)

Type: Trap
Property: Continuous

While this card is on the field, neither player can Special Summon monsters. When a card is sent from the Deck or field to your Graveyard, destroy this card.


The first card comes to mind is Royal oppression.

The two main difference between these two cards are:
– Vanity space has effect as long as it’s face up, while Royal oppression is activation effect.
– Vanity space is unlikely to stay on field for more than one turn or probably gets destroyed when opponent chains to destroy another card on your field, while Royal oppression will be there unless removed by another card.
– Vanity space only seals off special summon, while Royal oppression negates the special summon and the effect of the card.

For the first difference, Vanity space can be useful if opponent activates Cold wave, whereby Royal oppression can’t do anything after Cold wave.

For the second difference, this card may just become an epic fail. Imagine you activate this card and opponent chains Mystical space typhoon on another card on your field, it makes it a one for two. If it is Royal oppression, opponent will use Mystical space typhoon to target on Royal oppression instead.

For the third difference, Royal oppression wins hands down.

It will be a card worth keeping if it is a common, but it is a common rare.


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