Perfecting details: Machina Gadgets

July 11, 2010

Today I visited Khatib C.C. to have a look at the weekly tournament.

Akira was playing Machina gadgets, and i spotted a good detailed move by him.

In the 3rd game (his opponent starts first), Akira’s starting hand after draw phase consisted of:

He normal summoned Yellow gadget and search for Green gadget. He chose to summon Yellow gadget and not Red gadget, in order to have three different kinds of gadgets in hand after search hence more choices. I’m sure this is a detail that many of you know but this is not what this article is about.

After he searched a Green gadget, opponent activated Mind crush and declared Machina fortress. I was expecting him to name Green gadget since it had been just added to hand, but nevertheless Akira had Machina fortress in hand and discarded it. Akira then intended to summon the Machina fortress in his grave by discarding two gadgets.

He had all three colours, red, yellow and green. Which two should he discard? This is the purpose of this article, ‘perfecting details’. To reverse quote the question, which gadget should he keep?

He now has a Yellow gadget on the field, and one gadget of each colour in his hand. I was assuming that he played two sets of gadgets (2 x 3), that means he has no Yellow gadget in his deck anymore. (I confirmed with him after the match that he indeed played two sets of gadgets)
Below is the breakdown of the search route for the each gadget if it is chosen to keep in hand:

Keep Red gadget and summon in future:
You can’t search a Yellow gadget (none in deck) and your gadget search loop stops right there.
Worst choice.

Keep Green gadget and summon in future:
You can search out Red gadget (last in deck), but can’t search another Yellow gadget (none in deck) through the Red gadget you searched. Eventually, unable to search the last Green gadget out from deck.
Not the best choice.

Keep Yellow gadget and summon in the future:
You can search Green gadget (last in deck), and use it to search out the Red gadget (last in deck). The gadget search loop is smooth, and you’re able to search out all of the remaining gadgets in deck.
Best choice.

Akira chose to discard Red gadget and Green gadget, to keep Yellow gadget. The best choice.
Perfecting every detail can win you games!

Written by Maxilicious


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