Power breaker (Card preview)

July 10, 2010

Starstrike blast (スターストライク・ブラスト) is coming out soon.

Power breaker is a potential side deck card.

Power breaker (パワー・ブレイカー)

Level: 4
Attribute: Earth
Type:  Warrior/Effect
Att/Def: 1900/0

When this card is destroyed by an opponent’s attack or card effect, select 1 face-up Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls and destroy it. When this card attacks, at the end of the Damage Step, change it to Defense Position.


First look, a level 4 monster of 1900 att, not too bad for stats. The strike-back effect is change it to defense position after it attacked. There are better cards in the past with better stats and effect to go along with such strike-back effect. Also being a warrior, it can be searched out by Reinforcement of army.

The key potential is when it is destroyed by opponent, you can select 1 face-up spell or trap card your opponent controls and destroy it.
It looks decent in terms of card advantage trade. It can bring down most of 4 stars and below monsters with a 1900 att, then it switches to defense position whereby it threatens opponent with an attack of 1900 next turn. With a 0 def, almost any monster can destroy it, and it will trigger it’s effect. it is a 1 for 2 card trade in ideal normal circumstances.

However it’s effect is restricted to target and destroy 1 face-up spell or trap card your opponent controls, and not many decks have face-up spell or trap card. Maybe Black feather’s Black whirlwind.
Therefore, it will be more of a side deck material due to such restriction but can be effective against decks that depend on certain face-up spell or trap card. For example, recently Dragunity is getting more popular and it runs Dragon canyon which is an important card.

In conclusion, when opponent has a face-up spell or trap card, and you summon Power breaker, opponent will think twice of how he/she should deal with it.

Written by Maxilicious


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