Cat synchro mutation

July 7, 2010

Cat synchro is no longer the deck to beat after rescue cat is being restricted to one.

However, there are variants of cat synchro winning in national recently, when most expect infernity, black feather, and other more dominating metagame decks to win.

Cat synchro mainly runs rescue cat and cards that help with the combo, and of course the materials that rescue cat can call out.

Basic combo cycle:
1. clear opponent’s back row (heavy storm, cold wave, hurricane)
2. summon rescue cat and use it’s effect (can be done through summoner monk)
3. pick the right materials for the situation and attack subsequently
4. synchro summon with the materials from rescue cat (may synchro before attack)
5. loop back the materials with pot of avarice

Typical cat synchro runs Gravekeeper spy, which fits in nicely to synchro arcanite magician and the banned dark strike fighter. The stats of 2000 def is more than decent as it is a defend first and counter attack deck. In the past, the deck usually runs with Gravekeeper guard which can be summoned by Gravekeeper spy. However, after the release of Absolute powerforce, Gravekeeper descendant gets more appearance than Gravekeeper guard. One of the reasons is that it is more useful than Gravekeeper guard when it is being summoned by Gravekeeper spy. The backfire part is to draw it in your hand.

The new variants of cat synchro include:
– The fabled (fiend roar deity)
– Flamvell
– Debris dandy

The fabled has beast type monster which can be summoned by rescue cat, e.g. The fabled cerburrel. But this built is mainly played by the OCG side, as TCG doesn’t have access to many of the fabled cards.

Flamvell built is popular during the early part of this ban list, where by the deck runs Flamvell magician and Flamvell firedog. Flamvell magican is basically a 4 star tuner that can be summoned out by summoner monk and Flamvell firedog. The deck has easy access to 8 star synchro monsters like Stardust dragon and Colossal fighter. Not the forget Flamvell firedog itself is a 1900 att monster, which changes the way the deck is played slightly compare to the traditional cat synchro whereby you run Gravekeeper spy. It allows you to go more offensive, and not take on the passive side before you’ve your combo. Rekindling is another card to watch out for, it may just end the game with a sudden burst. Central America representative (Mexico) won with Flamvell cat.

Recently, in the west japan national, a debris dandy cat won. It runs the basic cat synchro components, with Debris dragon and Dandylion. Debris dragon can do a Gravekeeper spy job with it’s high def of 2000, and the usual Debris dragon special summon Dandylion from grave combo. In the current ban list, Dandylion is restricted to two (it was one), and it changes the metagame. There is deck that builds around it, e.g. Quickdrawn dandy warrior deck. Maybe two copies seem too strong, i expect it to be back to one in September 2010.

Written by Maxilicious



  1. you forgot equip cat LOL

  2. It is not THAT common, and mainly these few win nationals.

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